Self Love Solution, full moon & Venus transit, hemp oil, plus a little Abraham on the side :-)


# 1 – An invitation to the Self Love Solution….

The Shift Network founder, Stephen Dinan, says: “… one of the brightest lights and most awakened beings I’ve met. You’ll be well served to pay attention to this luminous woman as she calls you home to your divine Self.” Rev. Michael Beckwith affirms: “(she) reveals great wisdom.” Who are they describing?   None other than Dr. Sue Morter, internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Possibility.

On Thursday, June 7th at 1:00pm Pacific, The Shift Network will host Dr. Morter for a free teleseminar:  The Self-Love Solution: How to replenish your life force while transforming out world.   

We all know that self-love is the basis for empowered service to others, but it can be extremely challenging in the busy-ness of our lives.  Dr. Sue will show us how to find our way back home to our own hearts, embrace self-care as a spiritual practice and return to a state of “over-flow” from which we can lovingly serve others.

# 2 – An astrology update from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk at…

Within a 48 hour window, we will experience the partial Lunar Eclipse (tomorrow morning early!) and last-of-a-lifetime Venus Transit to the Sun (Tuesday evening. The ceremonial window to engage with these powerful events opened this morning (Sunday), and continues through the week.

The lunar eclipse can be viewed in western North America /Canada, Australia, Hawaii, and New Zealand. See where and when here.  

Find out if you can view the Venus Transit with this map, and identify the exact times here.  In any case, treat this like an eclipse–wear your eclipse glasses or view the transit and take photos! Through a # 14 welders glass.

Deeper Significance of Eclipse and Transit

A lunar eclipse represents the acceleration of time, as the Moon passes through all the phases it normally goes through in a month, within minutes or hours. It has to do with the surfacing of our shadow material, to be healed and integrated.

In this case it also has to do with the magnetic effect of the intergalactic Mother, represented by the Great Attractor. What is it you wish to magnetize into your life? This is a powerful time for manifestation.

The Venus Transit marks the completion of an 8 year cycle that launches us fully into the next revolution of communication and interconnectedness, beyond what we can possibly imagine but emerging from our present “information age.”

It can also be energized by us as a moment where Life Source (Sun) energizes the feminine principle, assisting us in aligning human culture with Earth systems, and helping us to strengthen intimacy and nurture within our social connections and institutions.

Prayers for our Waters and Gaiai

June 5 is World Environment Day, and a group of Wisdom Keepers from across the globe are lighting fires and praying for the healing of waters and the Earth drawing on the sacred power inherent within the Venus Transit to amplify the effect of our focused attention on the healing of Gaia.

It feels important to mention that any ceremony or meditation we do is elevated by the use of humor and playfulness, which does not diminish the power of our intent, but rather helps to cleanse and purify our hearts and actions of a too-heavy agenda, or fixed idea of what is right.

The Occupy movement embodies that playful spirit, as did60,000 people who gathered in Mexico City last week to protect the Wirikuta Mountains, a sacred site of the Huicholes.

Super Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at the Great Attractor

This eclipse occurs with the Moon exactly conjunct the Great Attractor, an area of space beyond the Centaur Constellation, with tremendous mass that is pulling the Milky Way Galaxy and many others toward it at about 1 million miles per hour. This point in space deviates from the norm of our Universe’s tendency to expand.

I have been feeling the Great Attractor as representing a kind of intergalactic Great Mother, which embodies substantial matter, and gravitational pull. I see this as the in-breath of our Universe, as opposed to the out-breath that our modern, masculine, scientific mind has been so focused on-the expansive, evolutionary acceleration of our Universe.

Venus Transit in Gemini

The visible Venus Transit occurs twice, within an 8 year window about every century. The last one was in 2004, and the next will occur well beyond our lifetimes-105 years from now in 2117. Venus transits of the last 1000 years have occurred on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, which suggests that it has to do with our spiritual evolution/involution, our cosmology, and understanding of Universal truths.

Here are some of the big events occurring within the 8 year window of previous Venus Transits:


1518-1526: Magellan circumnavigated the globe and proved that the world was round

1631-1639: Galileo insists the Sun is the center of the Universe. Descartes’ ideas taking root. Authority of the Catholic Church challenged.

1761-1769: Dynamics leading up to American Revolution, French Revolution, beginning of industrial revolution in Great Britain. Captain Cook mission to Tahiti for scientific knowledge.

1874-1882: Suffragette Movement emerged as a force, leaps in technology, telephone, light bulb, and recording equipment all invented. Theosophical Society and Christian Science movements founded.

 Venus as an Earth Planet

One way that astrologers and astronomers have seen Venus is as a mirror to the Earth, she is sometimes called an “Earth Planet.” This has to do with her similarity to an early Earth, and the fact that she has an atmosphere.

So we can see that her cycles and transits impact us in a very real, material way (Venus has been connected to wealth, abundance, and sensuality for a reason!)

When Venus and the Sun come together in this visible way in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, our knowledge, wisdom, and concept of truth enlarges (Sagittarius), even as technologies (Gemini) emerge from this wisdom and knowledge. The changes we experience are very tangible and real.

So it is that again, as with the Great Attractor, we have a magnetic, material dimension that causes our visions and meditations to be empowered very strongly at this time.

There is so much we do not know at this time, with Gemini being a very free, unpredictable, and wild sign-amplified with Venus in a Retrograde cycle, and Neptune’s influence’s very strongly felt with it stationing retrograde tomorrow (Monday).

So if we hit blocks in getting very specific in what we want for ourselves personally or for our planet, this is not a bad thing, it reflects the reality that a lot is up in the air, and we do well to release attachment to specific outcomes–because sometimes Spirit has something even bigger and better in mind for us–and it may come in strange packages!

The true magic now is in getting still enough to tune in, and listen to our own inner song, as a reflection of the broader harmony of Spirit, and then to energize the most essential feeling or energy of that song.

Fundamentally, this Venus Transit is about the marriage of Love (Venus) and Light (Sun). When we get still, it will be of great benefit for us to listen for, then focus our attention on, recent moments in our lives, as well as events in the outer world that feel most attractive to us.

Do they energize us, make us feel more alive, intimately connected, and in love with our lives and the planet? This may even be a feeling of intense, releasing emotion, like grief, or sorrow, that connects us more deeply to our human hearts.

Focus on the feeling, not the details, and know that as we focus our attention on these things, they gain greater momentum in our outer and inner worlds. This is not about perfection, it is simply about being willing to show up as ourselves, with presence and heart, and hopefully humor!

# 3 – And from…

Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Lunar Eclipses, Earthly Instincts by April Elliott Kent

Here is what happens during a lunar eclipse: the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, blocking it from reflecting the Sun’s light. How do you like that? Here’s the little Moon, furiously trying to find some light to bounce around, only to find there’s a big old ball of dirt in her way.

Similarly, at a lunar eclipse our ability to transmit and receive light – to channel and midwife divine inspiration – is trumped by the impulses of pure worldliness. Sometimes, it’s the worldliness of physical disease or limitation that casts a long shadow; other times, the pain of Earthly need and loss.

Usually, it’s a pain you recognize. Eclipses have 18 year cycles, so an eclipse falls in the same sign and the same part of your chart every 18 years, and in the opposite spot every nine years. What happens on the outside, in your outer life, is a little different each time – but the thing that’s touched inside of you is exactly the same. At the lunar eclipse, an antidote to these earthly difficulties seems to lie in the celebration of Earth’s healing, stabilizing powers.

Years ago, after my mother died, I was desperate to reclaim a sense of rootedness and security. So three days after a lunar eclipse fell in my fourth house, my husband and I closed escrow on the first house we’d owned together. Lord knows I had no solar light of inspiration to send out into the world, and not much light was able to each my barren, lunar surface; I was emotionally fragile and scarred. All I could reach out for and rely upon was the real, the tangible… the worldly. My own little ball of dirt; a stake in the planet. Nine years later, it’s career success that represents this security for me. I’m working harder than ever to carve out a place in the world outside my little fourth-house environment – but for exactly the same reason that motivated me to buy a house: security.

At the solar eclipse, later this month, it’s the Sun, the splendid, extravagant ego, that will be obscured by the wild, intuitive energy of the Moon, creating a funhouse mirror effect of exaggerated images and freakish sensations. But at this lunar eclipse, your vision is clear – or at least, you are guided by keen instinct; not the wild, emotional intuition of the Moon, but rather the quiet instincts of the Earth. They are the same instincts that guide the hand of the craftsman as it chooses just the right piece of wood for his project; as it hovers for a moment over one chisel, before selecting another that’s just right for the task.

At this lunar eclipse, there is something in you that longs to connect more deeply with the Earth, to drink from her cool waters and lay your head upon her sweet grass. Some long-ago pain has reared up and sent you packing, returning home to mother Earth for solace. As you gaze up at the half-bitten Moon, know that the Earth is offering you something, some smooth block of marble, a piece of wood, a section of clay. Open your instinctive mind, and ask yourself: What is it that wants to be brought into being? And what is the right tool with which to carve it out?

© April Elliott Kent

# 4 – An interesting article about the many benefits of hemp seed oil…

# 5 – And a little Abraham for good measure…

“Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy — you’re right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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