Mind Movie 2.1, knowing what’s in your cookware, fabulous coconut oil, astrology update and Abraham


Mind Movies 2.1 is now available and it comes with $1382.22 in bonuses, so now’s the time to get this great tool for envisioning and actualizing the life you were meant to live! I created a number of personal movies (you can see one of them here) using the old software several years ago and it was a lot of fun, but rather time-consuming and overwhelming to figure out how things worked. Well,  now things are a breeze! If you want to know more, plus get 6 free pre-made movies, go here.


# 1 – Wow, I found this article about various types of cookware and their health risks surprising (e. g. I thought using glass cookware was one of the best ways to go) and informative….


# 2 – And I knew the benefits and uses for coconut oil were many, but this list has some even I wasn’t aware of….


(If you want to know even more about coconut oil, you can check out my webpages http://www.allonetogether.com/CoconutOil.html and http://www.allonetogether.com/coconut_oil_cleanse.html)

# 3 – And you can’t go wrong with a little Abraham…

“In your action, you lose sight of the vision, you lose sight of your trust in the process, and you just bang around in a sense of futility. Hold the vision and trust that the Universe will acclimate to your vision. Hold the vision and trust the process.”— Abraham

(Interested in writing a vision? Did you know that writing things down makes them 10 times more likely to happen?! Check out my workbook on effective visioning, conscious creation and Self-realization here. It would be a great adjunct to the Mind Movies technology. :-))

# 4 – Here’s the recent newsletter I got from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk at astrologyforearthrenewal.com. It’s long, but I found the information and insights very helpful in gaining an enlightened perspective on the energies and forces at play right now…

I have been anticipating late May and June all year, as the most potent, magical window for 2012. Between last Sundays solar eclipse and next Monday’s (June 4) lunar eclipse, next Tuesday’s (June 5) Venus Transit, the new Venus in Gemini cycle, and the first exact Pluto Uranus square in June, we are truly living in the heart of transformation and change.

We are in an eclipse window–between now and the Venus Transit next week. SO it is important to remember that this means our shadow crap is going to come up. Yes, I do believe we have access to so much healing, love, light, joy, and profound insight at this time. Some are primarily feeling these things, and enjoying this time tremendously. And yet… for many of us, the first step is not nearly so pretty.

Here’s a great irony for you: when we are aware that we live in a time of great opportunity for expansive healing, growth, and transformation (or are unaware, but feel the influx of intense energy just the same) and AT THE SAME TIME we see/feel that our planet, and quite possibly our personal lives are in a great heap of trouble; this can open us up to a lot of trauma, profound anxiety, and fear.

In all the hullaballoo, we might be afraid that we’ll “do the wrong thing” and miss the boat, miss the pivotal moment. What if we are not eating the right food, doing the right ceremonies, thinking the right thoughts, making our contribution in the biggest best way, in the right places… oh the torture!

Our Calvinist Christian training in drag. Damn it, why am I still drinking coffee and not going to yoga? I won’t get to go to New Age Heaven with all my friends who eat raw and vegan and are doing yoga teacher training and oh shit… look what I’m doing!

How embarrassing. Well, that’s my shadow stuff. It showed up in full force for the eclipse event, right on schedule. Where should I be? Albuquerque is not good enough! I am an astrologer, I need a better transmission, somewhere in the wilderness… somewhere incredible!! It took a while for the lightbulb to come on-wait a second, you live in one of the best places in the world to see the eclipse and it’s not good enough?!? Interesting.

It’s an old, old wounding pattern for me of not trusting myself, and thinking I am supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else, and actually BEING someone else!!!! At its core is my fundamental fear that I do not belong, that I don’t have a place, that I don’t have a right to be here. Also the idea that there is one right way to be, do, believe-and that mine probably isn’t the right one. Okay, deep breath!

So… guess what? It took writing this to break through the trance, and for the Crazy Gemini Wisdom to bless me with a good swift kick in the ass. Ah…. This is what happens after a while, when we wrestle with our demons, who have been unleashed from the eclipse window (or other underworld initiatory event) with great glee and abandon. We get to see who’s been running the show, have a good hard laugh (and maybe cry!) with ourselves, and hopefully chill the f’out.

And now my practice is simple. I claim and empower the reality that I am in just the right place, doing just the right things, enjoying just the right relationships, unfolding and awakening at just the right pace. As I embrace this and pay attention to the contradictory messages that arise, I am allow the healing and awakening to happen within me, in the most accurate ways for my soul journey.

So much love and appreciation for all of you, at every place around the wheel, in every phase of life’s journey!

 And here’s her update report that she is offering for free this week:

The Eclipse Window and Beyond

So let us just focus on this period now, between Sunday’s eclipse and the Venus Transit, which in some sense can be experienced as an eclipse-of Venus to the Sun. We are in an eclipse window where time has been accelerated, a portal to the mysteries of the Great Above has been opened, and whether we are conscious of it or not, we are receiving transmissions of crazy wisdom and insight that will unfold over the months to come.

Venus Retrograde

The fact that Venus is in retrograde (since May 15, lasting until June 27) for the first time in 1 ½ years adds to the “time out of time” dynamic we are all feeling. It adds to the need for us to slow down and reflect, to tend to our interior lives, rather than putting ourselves out there too much and being overly focused on productivity in Middle World reality (except to the degree that it serves our awakening, our spiritual growth, and of course is required to put food on the table)!

Neptune Activation to Sun and Mercury

As if that were not enough, we are still feeling the reverberations from last week’s Sun and Mercury transits to Neptune, which caused us to be really inundated by the feeling function, and giving us profound access to the higher realms. Are you getting the idea? In other words, if time seems to be moving very strangely, if you are feeling resistance to the status quo and wanting to just slow down and dream, then you may just be on the right track.

Eclipse Shadow Activation

Part of what an eclipse invokes is the surfacing of our shadow material-our old wounding, the places where past trauma and habitual toxic thought patterns block us from our birthright of experiencing joy, knowing peace, and feeling ourselves as love in motion. I’ve been feeling it profoundly, as crippling self-doubt and paralysis as my mind takes over, telling me all about myself that is wrong, creating comparisons, making every choice the wrong one.

Yet the eclipses and transit are creating an opportunity for us to face into and own our shadow material at the SAME TIME that we are provided with access to profound healing, insights, and information that we have not been ready for until now. So we are in an integration process. If it feels uncomfortable, if you cannot sleep, if you are saying to yourself with exasperation-“why am I stuck in that pattern again? I thought I had evolved past that!” You are not alone, and you are not crazy.

Opening to the Light

We are receiving all of the “light codes” and energetic frequencies to help our minds and physical and emotional bodies prepare for the deep initiatory processes of this fall, and the “beginning times” of 2013. Does this mean we feel great? For most of us, it feels like the Dickens’ quote from A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

We might simultaneously be opening to glimpses of possibility for our lives and opportunities to experience magic–at the same time we feel the aspects of ourselves, and those around us who remain shut down and stuck in old patterns, are feeling a great degree of pain as the influx of new energy activates surfacing of old wounds, and shadow material.

Healing the Mind/Body/Emotion Split

In the center of the eclipse energy is a profound healing and transformation occurring between Mind/ Body/Emotion. The May 20 eclipse occurred at the Pleiades, where Taurus transitions to Gemini. Jupiter is transitioning from its year in Taurus to a year in Gemini (and is within 5 degrees of the Pleiades through June, expanding its influence). And Venus is transitioning from the Scorpio Cycle (emotional will) to Gemini.

So it is that many of us feel an erratic jumping around between feeling very emotional and overwhelmed, to being very anxious and in the mind and painfully aware of wanting to jump out of the body and do everything and once and yet do nothing.Mixed into that are moments of absolute bliss and happiness as we glimpse how it feels to allow greater magic and mystery into our lives.

I believe this is the Shadow Material all of humanity is currently engaged with. In the realm of the mind we have the reality that at this moment in history, modern people have more freedom of choice and movement than ever before–and opportunities to experience everything all at once, through the internet, and facebook, etc. This is creating exhaustion, overwhelm, and suffering through our inability to decide, and be exactly where we are at.

I believe that much of what we will be experiencing over the next 11 months, as Venus in Gemini goes through the first half of her Death and Rebirth initiatory journey, where she is dismembered in her present form, so that she can be made new–is a healing of the collective Mind of the Information Age, and the many ways our modern communication serves to enslave and distract us, rather than empower us. More on that to come!

Taurus as Guru Guide

What I feel is most helpful to remember, in a practical way right now, is that Jupiter is still in Taurus until June 11, so it is coming to its fullest degree of mastery in this sign, and still the leading Dharmic path for humanity for the next couple of weeks.

We are all invited to use it as our guiding teacher or Guru as to how we navigate this period from now through mid-June. I believe that this is our time to fully embody these mysteries and come to know we can access them at any time into the future, to assist us on our Jupiter/Venus in Gemini journey that begins in mid June.

What does Taurus know how to do? Be in the moment. Savor her life. Radiate the energy of Heaven on Earth in his being, in his knowing, in his core. How does she get there? By slowing down and listening to her body.

By releasing the need to always have an agenda and instead simply enjoying what is in his life. What does she allow to happen when she grounds herself? He allows all those things that serve his higher good to come TO him, instead of running around so fast that they can’t possibly catch up to her.

So even as we practice humor and compassion in the many ways this new Gemini energy can prompt scatteredness and mind-oriented anxiety, we do well to practice the Taurus dharma in this next few weeks, in order to best integrate shadow, and welcome New Light.

Contributing from a True Heart

I am writing a great deal about the Mind (Gemini), and about the Body (Taurus), and about Emotions (Neptune/Scorpio). Yet it is so vital to remember that the central point, the place where everything can come together is in the Heart.

Last night (Monday) the Moon sailed past Regulus, the Royal Behenian Star that is the “heart of the Lion Constellation,” which just moved from 29 Leo to 0 Virgo. Part of our opportunity (and anxiety at this time of great transformation) is to get really clear on what we’ve come to contribute, and to bring it forward, so as to contribute to the healing of our Earth, and human family.

What I have been seeing so clearly is that if we wish to be of service in this world, we need to get really clear on all the crap we’re carrying around that causes us to do our work from a place of low energy and vitality-usually when we are carrying around a “should” that does not really below to us, or to our greater selves.

This means that if we’re trying to be “good” because we feel deep down that we are unworthy, our outcomes are going to reflect that.

If we want to be a force for transformation and joy, if we want to “be the change” then the most important work we can do right now is to look directly at and face the wounding that is motivating our actions.

After we have done that, it is vital to take the temperature of how we feel about what we want to create in the world. Does it fill our hearts with joy to do this work-either what we are currently doing or the long term vision? What aspects of my projects, of what I am wishing to create bring me the greatest sense of expansiveness, of purpose, of energy?

What really leaves me cold, but I think I am “supposed to do it” this way? What is not authentic soul purpose cannot thrive at this time. What is not generated from love, open-heartedness, and joyful anticipation cannot grow and thrive in this changing environment.

Yet when we get clear on what we are truly wanting to experience and create, and focus our attention on that-we can create miracles, in the blink of an eye. We are unstoppable, unshakeable beacons of light, love, and inspired action.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff, including information about Dr. Robert Anthony’s Zero Resistance Weight Loss program  (45% off until June 10th) and Chris Cade’s Miracle Mind Method! Woohoo!

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