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More on the full moon, Mercury Undercover, Becoming A Millionaire sale, and a little Abraham

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Normally I would wait a few more days before doing another post because I just did one yesterday, but wanted to get a couple of these tips out while they are still timely…

# 1 – More on the full moon phase and current astrology happenings from Astrograph.com

The Libra Full Moon taking place on Friday, April 6, strongly aspects Neptune, and comes as a culmination of the previous two weeks of the lunation cycle that began on March 22nd with a New Moon emphasizing both Uranus andNeptune as well as retrograde Mercury. Now Mercury is in direct rather than retrograde motion, having turned around in the sky (seemingly) as recently as this past Wednesday. The symptoms associated with the Mercury retrograde period – such as missed connections and mechanical/mental breakdowns – are still somewhat active for about two weeks longer, since Mercury takes a while to straighten out, but a significant shift in the energy can be perceived at this time toward a more forward-going momentum. The Mercury retrograde period is also good for inward reflection, taking a meditative stance on where we are heading and why, and that too is still very much a part of the current configuration as we move toward the middle part of this present month.

We have plenty of food for thought. The revelations provided by Uranus in Arieskeep coming and they are aided and abetted by the emphasis now on dreamyNeptuneNeptune is aspected at this Full Moon time by the Sun and Moon, and by its opposition to a slow-moving retrograde Mars in perfectionist Virgo. Since Uranus unfurled symbolizes this entire monthly cycle and indeed year, we have some clear visions percolating through our minds and hearts of what things could be like if we could only manifest upon the fertile field of this green earth our deepest and most wildly optimistic desires.

Neptune with Uranus can manifest as the hopeful and future-oriented idea, the out-of-place illusion or even deception depending on how well-grounded that vision might be in our waking life. It takes both dream and practicality to remake a world. As we ponder the implications for moving forward imbued with the sacred vision of a better life for ourselves individually and collectively, we need to see to the form as well as the vision and plan a way forward that is workable. We need in other words to not only trust in Allah but also to make sure to tie up our camels as well. Then, too, this is in fact only the beginning of what will be fleshed out and made manifest by further process over the coming weeks, leading up to an immensely potent Summer Solstice, so that we remain in the preliminary stages yet of our unfolding vision in this beginning part of April. The precise steps are unclear and the future is uncertain, so that we also need to rely on inner guidance and to meditate sincerely on the truth of our inner knowing and attempt to distinguish forward-looking optimism from impractical or self-serving fantasy. It is a daunting prospect to leave the past behind and to venture out on the unknown waters that might take us where we need to go but that also might take us under. But that does not mean that we can ever stop trying.

# 2 – This free viewing of Mercury Undercover is only going to be available until the 10th, I believe, so catch it now while you can. I haven’t watched it myself yet, but plan to since I have had all kinds of mercury-related problems for years…


# 3 – Don’t forget the Natural Hypnosis Easter sale starts today. See yesterday’s post for more details.

# 4 – And Abraham on that ole “reverse fascination/what you resist persists/focusing on what you don’t want” theme…

“Anything you do to overcome or prevent, causes a spotlight on the very thing you are wanting to overcome and prevent. You cannot take enough action to compensate for the Energy that you’re flowing.”-— Abraham

Hope you have an inspired and inspiring weekend, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!


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