Vibes Up gets a thumbs up, letting go of resistance, Healing With the Masters, sustainable living event, Abraham and more


You know excited you get when you come across something new that just totally rocks your world? That’s how I felt about discovering Kaitlyn Keyt and her Vibes Up site and products. I have listened to her on several interviews and loved her take on things and how she explained EMFs and other positive ion generating sources in a way that took away the sense of them being scary and negative. And she has created a wealth of award-winning items geared toward balancing out the over abundance of positive ions in our daily lives. Plus, she believes so strongly in her products and the cutting-edge technology they implement that you can get one of her balancing/harmonizing bracelets for FREE (just cover postage).

I have already ordered a number of things from her site (water bottle, balancing coasters, toothpaste, shampoo, squishy pads—LOVE the squishy pads :-),— etc.) and plan to buy more in the near future. You really owe it to yourself, those around you, and the planet to start using some of her easy and fun ways to balance and harmonize your body and the environment! Start exploring now.

5/30/12 I just noticed that they no longer mention the free bracelet on the home page of the store (it used to be at the end of the list of items/products in the left-hand column). So I checked with Kaitlyn and she says if you mention the free bracelet and which theme you want (health & wellness, abundance, etc.) in the comment/instructions box when you are ordering, then they will add it in. :-)



# 1 – An insightful article by Guy Finley on how resistance keeps our painful thoughts and feelings going…

Key Lesson: Resistance always bites the hand that feeds it.

Just as a storm in the atmosphere of the earth is born of conflicting fronts of different temperatures colliding with one another, so too must there be conflicting forces within us in order to form a mental or emotional storm. Our task is to become conscious of these unseen forces that dwell in the unenlightened parts of us. As we grow to realize that no disturbance can remain within us without our granting it the force it needs to sustain its fury, we realize that we have at our disposal two great powers. We are empowered to dismiss storms when they appear in our psychic system and, with time and practice, we can learn to dismiss these disturbances before they begin!

The storms in our lives all share a common cause. Each storm, large or small, centers around something that happens to us that we don’t want to be happening for whatever reasons…

Imagine a woman caught in an emotional firestorm of anger because she does not wanted to be treated like that.Or a man who feels trapped by a tormenting depression because he doesn’t want what life continues to bring to him. Can we see that these two storms share a common root? Both rise as they do because of our unconscious resistance to something that has already happened.

Whenever we face an unwanted event and find ourselves feeling nothing but resistance, we can discover that this stress-mess is made from our insistence that this should not have happened. And how about when we recall past mistakes, painfully reliving how we fell down — either a moment ago or ten years back? Aren’t we sure that whatever that error may have been — it shouldn’t have taken place?

The storms we suffer are not born simply from any particular event that takes place, but rather they rise from an unknown ground in us due to our undetected resistance to them. Further, these unwanted events that we so strongly resist are not the actual events themselves. What we secretly struggle against in these moments are unwanted images of that event fashioned by ourselves. This occurs, for example, when we imagine a fearful future, or see ourselves thrown for a social loss of some sort. In these moments we suffer, as we do, because we are looking at what we don’t want to see. And then, because we don’t know that we have been tricked into giving these negative fantasies our attention, we try to imagine ways to escape their punishing presence. The more we struggle to get away, the more attention we inadvertently lend to what we wish would disappear! It’s a great paradox: not wanting to look upon what is bothering us keeps what is bothering us in plain view! But now we are beginning to see our way out of this trap.

From this moment forward, whenever some dark storm appears in us, we must neither run from it, nor stand there and hate what we think is happening. Instead we must awaken to ourselves, bring ourselves back into the Now and quietly, deliberately, drop any image that our thought-nature presents within us to justify the brewing conflict. Learning to dismiss the storms that sink our chances to be happy takes dedicated inner work, but you may be assured such powers are possible. Your True Nature already dwells beyond the reach of self-wrecking storms. Join it; begin Now!

(This article is excerpted from Let Go and Live in the Now. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley and his Life of Learning Foundation go to:

# 2 – Here’s information from The Shift Network about a new event focusing on green and sustainable living…

No conversation about the Shift is complete without a focus on and a commitment to our planet.   This unprecedented event, produced in partnership with Sustainable World Coalition, will bring 100 experts from across the globe, including Jane Goodall, for 11-weeks of essential conversations to educating and engaging participants in sustainable lifestyles.

The Spring of Sustainability is an opportunity to engage more fully in what world-renowned ecologist Joanna Macy calls, “The Great Turning – the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.”

Please join us in spreading the word about creating a sustainable and bright future, because if not now, when?

# 3 – An easy way to test to see if you are dehydrated…

# 4 – Don’t forget to sign up for season 9 of Healing With the Masters. Check a previous post for more details about the great line-up of guests and bonuses. 

# 5 – And a little Abraham to end on…

“Many tell us that they are so busy making their money that they do not have time to enjoy it . . . for when you rely on your action to create, often you are too tired to enjoy your creation. Once you not only understand the power of your thought, but you deliberately direct this powerful tool in the direction of things that you desire, then you will discover that the action part of your life is the way you enjoy what you have created through your thought.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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3 Replies to “Vibes Up gets a thumbs up, letting go of resistance, Healing With the Masters, sustainable living event, Abraham and more”

  1. Hi Zirah! Thanks for your wonderful blog! One thing, I was trying to use the discount code for Vibes Up and it’s not working…. is the code correct?

    1. Hi Kim!

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog and for stopping by. I have just e-mailed Vibes Up to see if they have any feedback about the situation. I’m wondering if the problem might be that I used a link in the blog that already had the 650 as a part of it, so it may not have been needed to be actually input when ordering, but I want to be sure you and anyone else will get a discount, as was mentioned to me in an e-mail from them. Did you go all the way to finishing the order and no discount was given, or did you try to input the code and the order template wouldn’t take it and so you thought there would be no discount or what? I will get back to you as soon as I know something more.

      BTW, I rarely use Facebook, but when I’ve logged in lately I’ve been enjoying those adorable baby pictures you’ve been posting. How do you get anything else done? :-) Also, did you happen to notice the Vibes Up teddy bear? I think that would be a great thing for your little one to cuddle and have the extra benefit of the balancing/harmonizing vibes. How does it get any better than that?!

    2. Kim,

      I just got a response from Kaitlyn herself. It seems that what I thought was the problem was…i.e. I gave a link that already had the 650 as part of it. By using that link you were already automatically given access to parts of the Vibes Up site and specials that the general public does not see. Plus, she said I could tell you to use code VIBE40 at checkout for 40% off any regular retail prices (not good on things already on sale). How does it get any better than that? And don’t forget to take advantage of the free energy balancing/harmonizing bracelet. That’s one of the reasons I like supporting Kaitlyn and Vibes Up….there’s an obvious generosity of spirit at work there.

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