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Mind Movie Matrix, astrology update, Hungry for Change, Conception Day 2012 and more!


# 1 – The much anticipated Matrix version of Mind Movies is getting ready to launch…

so they are offering some free information, webinars and resources to help people in learning more about creating the life of their dreams. Haven’t seen how the new version operates yet, but I used one of the older MM systems to create a number of personal movies  that incorporated the written word with images, sound (music), and movement to energize and actualize my vision and what is important to me. It sounds like the new system might also include brainwave entrainment and who knows what else. To find out more, go here. And if you’d like to see one of the movies I created a couple of years ago, use the link below.


# 2 – Animal lovers, here’s your chance to help stop unnecessary and cruel testing…




# 1 – The astrological week ahead from Chris Flisher…

Week of March 26

The bold Aries Sun pushes us into unknown territory as it shakes the foundation with Pluto in Capricorn. Changes are afoot and radical departures should be welcomed as this points the way forward. Stagnation no longer satisfies our needs and restlessness seems pervasive. It is through moments of such profound planetary activity that we shake off apathy and events begin to unfold that drive home the point. Results may not be tangible yet, but the seeds are being planted. Mercury has dipped back into Pisces during his retrograde to stir up illusive concepts and muddy the waters. Pausing may be the best approach until these waters clear.

# 2 – If you missed last Thursday’s Conception Day 2012, here’s your chance to catch the replay….

Last Thursday was Conception Day 2012 featuring Steve Bhaerman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lynne Twist, James O’Dea, Lynne McTaggart, Ervin Laszlo, and other luminaries. The event was broadcast worldwide to over 21,000 people, and if you missed it, here is the page where you can watch a Livestream® video replay (best option), or listen to the recording.

I’m not sure how long this page will be up so take a look as soon as you can:

You can watch or listen to the event here.

# 3 – Wow! The “Occupy Monsanto” movement at work…


# 4 – Watch the new documentary Hungry For Change for a limited time for free…

Watch the release of the new film  Hungry for Change that you can actually register to view online for a limited time (through 3/31) for free…


# 5 – And some Abraham “to grow on”…

“Illness or pain is just an extension of negative emotion. When you are no longer feeling any resistance to it, it’s a non-issue.”-— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Aries new moon, words of wisdom from Guy Finley, GMOs, apple cider vinegar


# 1 – Information about the new moon and other astrological happenings from Astrograph. com

The Aries New Moon that graces us this Thursday morning, March 22nd, is an unusually intense one. This beginning of the Soli-Lunar sequence immediately follows the Spring Equinox, when the world begins its new yearly cycle. This obviously signals a profound time, equivalent in many ways to the traditional New Year of January 1st; you might make a resolution or perhaps take stock on how your recent resolutions are doing as we conclude this third month of 2012.

Mercury remains retrograde, still in Aries, and has moved backward through the sign to almost the exact Aries point of 0 degrees. With the New Moon at 2 plus degrees and Uranus at 4, this New Moon thus represents a powerful trigger for Uranus in Aries, the planet within sign of an awakening human consciousness. Uranus in Aries lasts about seven years, continuing throughout this decade of the turbulent teens right up to 2019. A marked increase in synchronicity has been observable lately and this tendency will likely increase over the next two weeks of the prime of this lunation cycle. With Mercury turned inward, it is our innermost thoughts that really count. Carefully weighing any and all meaningful coincidences that arise is only part of the story now, since the unexpected epiphanies that flow from these explorations will represent to your conscious self the opening for further transformation.

This powerful symbolism has been flirting with us for nearly two years, since June of 2010 when Uranus first entered the sign of Aries before retreating into Pisces until last spring. This month and New Moon could be considered its true coming-out party. The Sabian Symbols of the New Moon and also of Uranus are revealing: “A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country;” and “A triangle with wings.” Marc Edmond Jones has for the first: “[the] capacity for giving full play to every ramification of the reality [you] have created for yourself.” In other words, and especially with Uranus involved, trust your intuition. This might tell you more about what you are up to than a raft of job counselors. The second symbol, for the degree of Aries where Uranus currently resides – A triangle with wings – speaks to the intense creativity and high potency of this moment in time.

This powerful New Moon is accompanied by yet another symbolism that reveals an important part of our ongoing metamorphosis as we find our way into Aquarian Age humanity, namely the opposition of retrograde Mars toChiron in Pisces. This opposition, exact to the minute at the time of the New Moon, presages a valuable inner exploration of all our motivation for aggression and anger, as well as for normal healthy assertiveness or its lack. It might be that over the course of this four-week cycle we come to realize where we are stopped in frustration or too easily started up in rage. These types of knee-jerk reactions stem from ancient trauma experienced in childhood and bottled up inside ever since, walled off from our waking reality by barriers of grief or shame. The symbolism of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, entirely relates to this concept of the hidden patterns that represent the real motivating factors of our most extreme actions. As a noted psychologist has stated, we are never angry for the reason that we think we are.

Our conscious minds are part discriminating perception and part illusion, in many instances covering up the actual well-springs of our behavior, and we have a true opening now to understand ourselves and our relationships much better. It is possible that we will be enabled over the ensuing days and weeks to make important necessary inroads for that process, preparing ourselves for the radical transformation still to come in this climactic year and decade.


# 2 – Great insight, wisdom and guidance from Guy Finley on taking conscious risks…

Key Lesson: Stop complaining. Start changing. The appearance of every moment comes with a mostly unseen pair of “buttons”: one says “down.” The other says “up.” The direction that life takes is your choice. Choose wisely!

A spiritual risk is any action we will take based on our willingness to challenge our own certainty that our present state of consciousness represents the full measure of life’s possibility. Here is one simple example: Maybe we feel as though no one understands our situation or that no one is being sensitive to the pressure we’re under. During these times most of us feel the strong need to complain to someone — anyone (including ourselves) — in order to win some sympathy. The conscious risk in this case is to give no voice to any complaints, either outwardly or inwardly.

Whenever we feel ourselves certain that we are a captive of something — be it anything from a fear of proceeding with a wish we have, to that feeling of being inadequate to getting through a task at hand — we remember in this same self-defining moment that this reality before our eyes is, at best, only a partial one. And then, as unthinkable as it seems to us in this same moment, as certain as we may feel that real freedom is beyond our reach, we make a conscious leap into the unknown.

Once we realize that our present view of self, a view that defines our reality, is a construct of a certain level of our own consciousness — one that’s convinced the limit of its present view is the limit of its possibility — we also realize the need to leave this self-limited world behind us.

Knowing the makeup of this world we must abandon, we have but one choice: Let go of who we are sure we are and make a leap into something new. Our conscious choice is to discover what awaits us in an open-ended reality, instead of allowing ourselves to be grounded by a preconceived notion of who we are and what we can do.

Nothing can stop us from taking this leap into all that we may be, other than this mistaken and unconscious conviction we have of who we already are — a mindset supported by the strange comfort we find in clinging to who we have been.

Find the places in your life where you can take these conscious, spiritual risks. The liberation you win will be the repeated discovery that the only thing holding you captive is yourself.

(This article is excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley and his Life of Learning Foundation go to: http://www.guyfinley.com/Welcome/36/CD1414/0)


# 3 – I have always been a big fan of raw apple cider vinegar ever since doing research for my health e-book. Here’s a list of some of its many uses, courtesy of the Swanson health blog and Reader’s Digest. Some of these I’d never heard of before…

Check out these health benefits of a common kitchen staple, apple cider vinegar.

  • If you’re feeling exhausted after a workout, add a couple of tablespoons of this vinegar to your glass of water. It contains potassium and enzymes, and the amino acids can act as an antidote to the buildup of lactic acid in your system.
  • To whiten your teeth, gargle in the morning with apple cider vinegar—it helps remove stains and whiten your teeth, as well as kills bacteria in your mouth.
  • For an upset stomach, sip a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water. If it’s a bacterial infection, the antibiotics in the vinegar can help.
  • A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar can stop hiccups immediately.
  • Before eating foods that you know are going to make you feel sick later, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water and drink it about half an hour before you eat.
  • For leg cramps that wake you up in the night, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a little honey to a glass of warm water.
  • Drinking one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water can help drain your sinuses.
  • When you start feeling a sore throat coming on, gargle ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and ¼ cup warm water every hour—the acidic environment vinegar creates kills most germs.

Interested in more information and ways to improve health with AVC and many other simple and inexpensive natural products? Check out my e-book  at:


Or these posts at Self-help Health:




# 4 – An in-depth article on GMOs, how Europe is “just saying no” to them,  and a variety of resources on the subject…



# 5 – Short and sweet from Abraham…

“It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle or a button.”-— Abraham


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Sun enters Aries, happy cows, free QiGong healing, colloidal silver, praise and appreciation. Huh?


# 1 – Current astrology update from Chris Flisher

Week of March 19

The Sun enters Aries and all things seem new and possible. What we once thought was a done deal now becomes a reversal and we go ablazing in new directions. It may be wise to pause before setting any plans in place as the retrograde of Mercury tends to cloud the issue. However with Uranus involved all bets are off as the planet of revolution simply spins up the dust like never before. Electrical energy may be widely evident and the charge of tense and exciting drama lights up all conversations. We should welcome this strong desire for change with a bold step forward. Setting plans in place for implementation in a few weeks is perhaps the most prudent approach. Action with restraint.

# 2 – Any cow lovers out there? Here’s a great story with a very happy ending…


# 3 – Another great blog from Chellie Campbell about giving praise abundantly, making lemonade out of lemons, and being vulnerable. You rock, Chellie!


# 4 – I thought this Abraham quote was a nice tie-in with Chellie’s  article on giving praise…

“Love and appreciation are identical vibrations. Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-are. Appreciation is the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. When you focus upon what you want – when you tell the story of how you want your life to be – you will come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation, and when you reach it, it will pull you toward all things that you consider to be good in a very powerful way.”— Abraham

# 5 – Information on the many uses and benefits of colloidal silver…


# 6 – QiGong master and distance healer Michael Mohoric is doing another free distant energy healing…

It’s for everyone who wants to join and all their friends, families and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session is SUNDAY MARCH 25th…. from 5-6pm Pacific Daylight Time or same as Los Angeles, (6-7pm MDT), (7-8 CDT), (8-9pm EDT-same as New York).

You can join this free session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That’s all you have to do to connect with the energy; healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session and you can receive a lot of healing energy this way even before the main session on the 25th

# 7 – And don’t forget to take advantage of the great deal being offered Evolution Made Easier visitors from Vibes Up (see my previous post)!


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Vibes Up gets a thumbs up, letting go of resistance, Healing With the Masters, sustainable living event, Abraham and more


You know excited you get when you come across something new that just totally rocks your world? That’s how I felt about discovering Kaitlyn Keyt and her Vibes Up site and products. I have listened to her on several interviews and loved her take on things and how she explained EMFs and other positive ion generating sources in a way that took away the sense of them being scary and negative. And she has created a wealth of award-winning items geared toward balancing out the over abundance of positive ions in our daily lives. Plus, she believes so strongly in her products and the cutting-edge technology they implement that you can get one of her balancing/harmonizing bracelets for FREE (just cover postage).

I have already ordered a number of things from her site (water bottle, balancing coasters, toothpaste, shampoo, squishy pads—LOVE the squishy pads :-),— etc.) and plan to buy more in the near future. You really owe it to yourself, those around you, and the planet to start using some of her easy and fun ways to balance and harmonize your body and the environment! Start exploring now.

5/30/12 I just noticed that they no longer mention the free bracelet on the home page of the store (it used to be at the end of the list of items/products in the left-hand column). So I checked with Kaitlyn and she says if you mention the free bracelet and which theme you want (health & wellness, abundance, etc.) in the comment/instructions box when you are ordering, then they will add it in. :-)



# 1 – An insightful article by Guy Finley on how resistance keeps our painful thoughts and feelings going…

Key Lesson: Resistance always bites the hand that feeds it.

Just as a storm in the atmosphere of the earth is born of conflicting fronts of different temperatures colliding with one another, so too must there be conflicting forces within us in order to form a mental or emotional storm. Our task is to become conscious of these unseen forces that dwell in the unenlightened parts of us. As we grow to realize that no disturbance can remain within us without our granting it the force it needs to sustain its fury, we realize that we have at our disposal two great powers. We are empowered to dismiss storms when they appear in our psychic system and, with time and practice, we can learn to dismiss these disturbances before they begin!

The storms in our lives all share a common cause. Each storm, large or small, centers around something that happens to us that we don’t want to be happening for whatever reasons…

Imagine a woman caught in an emotional firestorm of anger because she does not wanted to be treated like that.Or a man who feels trapped by a tormenting depression because he doesn’t want what life continues to bring to him. Can we see that these two storms share a common root? Both rise as they do because of our unconscious resistance to something that has already happened.

Whenever we face an unwanted event and find ourselves feeling nothing but resistance, we can discover that this stress-mess is made from our insistence that this should not have happened. And how about when we recall past mistakes, painfully reliving how we fell down — either a moment ago or ten years back? Aren’t we sure that whatever that error may have been — it shouldn’t have taken place?

The storms we suffer are not born simply from any particular event that takes place, but rather they rise from an unknown ground in us due to our undetected resistance to them. Further, these unwanted events that we so strongly resist are not the actual events themselves. What we secretly struggle against in these moments are unwanted images of that event fashioned by ourselves. This occurs, for example, when we imagine a fearful future, or see ourselves thrown for a social loss of some sort. In these moments we suffer, as we do, because we are looking at what we don’t want to see. And then, because we don’t know that we have been tricked into giving these negative fantasies our attention, we try to imagine ways to escape their punishing presence. The more we struggle to get away, the more attention we inadvertently lend to what we wish would disappear! It’s a great paradox: not wanting to look upon what is bothering us keeps what is bothering us in plain view! But now we are beginning to see our way out of this trap.

From this moment forward, whenever some dark storm appears in us, we must neither run from it, nor stand there and hate what we think is happening. Instead we must awaken to ourselves, bring ourselves back into the Now and quietly, deliberately, drop any image that our thought-nature presents within us to justify the brewing conflict. Learning to dismiss the storms that sink our chances to be happy takes dedicated inner work, but you may be assured such powers are possible. Your True Nature already dwells beyond the reach of self-wrecking storms. Join it; begin Now!

(This article is excerpted from Let Go and Live in the Now. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley and his Life of Learning Foundation go to: http://www.guyfinley.com/Welcome/36/CD1414/0)

# 2 – Here’s information from The Shift Network about a new event focusing on green and sustainable living…

No conversation about the Shift is complete without a focus on and a commitment to our planet.   This unprecedented event, produced in partnership with Sustainable World Coalition, will bring 100 experts from across the globe, including Jane Goodall, for 11-weeks of essential conversations to educating and engaging participants in sustainable lifestyles.

The Spring of Sustainability is an opportunity to engage more fully in what world-renowned ecologist Joanna Macy calls, “The Great Turning – the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.”

Please join us in spreading the word about creating a sustainable and bright future, because if not now, when?

# 3 – An easy way to test to see if you are dehydrated…


# 4 – Don’t forget to sign up for season 9 of Healing With the Masters. Check a previous post for more details about the great line-up of guests and bonuses. 

# 5 – And a little Abraham to end on…

“Many tell us that they are so busy making their money that they do not have time to enjoy it . . . for when you rely on your action to create, often you are too tired to enjoy your creation. Once you not only understand the power of your thought, but you deliberately direct this powerful tool in the direction of things that you desire, then you will discover that the action part of your life is the way you enjoy what you have created through your thought.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Last quarter moon& other astrological updates


# 1 – Information from astrograph.com on the current last quarter moon phase…

The Last Quarter Moon taking place on the evening of Wednesday, March 14th, marks an exciting and interesting mid-month period. This phase is traditionally a time when we reevaluate, looking back over the previous three weeks of the lunar cycle, and preparing for the next. The contemplative nature of this time is reinforced by the Moon in high-minded Sagittarius, and greatly intensified as we head toward this particular Spring Equinox due to the current inner planet retrogrades. Not only Mars but Mercury is now retrograde, with Mercury moving backward through early Aries toward Uranus. This means that we will likely have even more of the usual unexpected breakdowns and missed connections, within a mental environment favoring inward contemplation over direct action. With Uranus highlighted we will also see an increase in synchronicities together with the surprising enlightenment they bring and participate in a more inclusive spiritual vision that includes other-dimensional realities as commonplace.

The trine relationship at this time of retrograde Mars to Pluto is even more dramatic. Mars has retrograded backward in Virgo to the 9 plus degree mark, the same degree in Capricorn where a slowing Pluto now resides, and is actually less than one minute of a degree off at the time of this Last Quarter Moon. This exact trine between Mars and Pluto is timed to coincide with Jupiter in the 10th degree of Taurus, conjoined by Venus, thus making a Grand Trine in Earth signs. Mars also currently opposes Chiron in Pisces, an aspect that gets closer over the week that follows. Mars with Pluto might normally symbolize hidden anger exploding, as we unfortunately witnessed over this past weekend in Afghanistan, when a lone soldier killed 16 civilians there. This tendency for explosions of rage is muted, however, by the fact that Mars is currently retrograde, and aspects Chiron, so that the action of this combination also manifests on a far deeper and more internal level. This therefore might well be a time when we transform outward aggression by means of deep reflection on the motivations for aggression, and for our own self-assertion or its lack.

The combination of Venus with Pluto is also important to consider. We will be, more than usual, subject to the storm of our desires and might be able to take the opportunity to reflect as well on these deep urges and their origins. Thus the motivations for both our assertive and our loving and relating activities are truly “up” for us now, and available to the contemplative view of our inner eye, with everything that happens appearing as grist for the mill of our enlightenment. Regarding these important areas of relationship and achievement, may inner contemplation result in genuinely new vision regarding our life and its challenges, in realms both collective and personal. Blessed be!

#2 – And from Tami Brunk at astrologyforearthrenewal.com…

Venus Moon Conjunction in Taurus

Tonight, at 11:54 pm MST, Venus and Jupiter are exactly conjunct. It’s been extraordinary to watch as these two planets-Venus extraordinarily bright, Jupiter more distant; have approached each other, closer each night. This represents the amplified presence of the Sacred Feminine in our world, as well as the related Taurean mysteries of receptivity, embodied presence, and grounding into our sensual nature. This is a much needed antidote to the highly-charged energy we’ve been feeling over the past weeks.

Mercury Retrograde near Uranus and Solar Flares

Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday. Did you notice? Or, like me, did you just experience it as more of the same wacky, chaotic dynamic we’ve been experiencing for a while now? Between the intense solar flare activity, the approach of Mercury Retrograde, and the combustible energy of Uranus/Mercury, we’ve been electrified like Christmas trees with intense, growth-inducing energy.

Nurturing Our Energy Systems

If we don’t care for our bodies, we’re sure to short circuit. Eating well, drinking extra water, walking, spending time in nature, meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices are all helpful. Especially beneficial at this time are healing modalities like Acupuncture, Reiki, Chi Kung, Homeopathy and others that directly assist the body in absorbing and integrating increased levels of energetic activity.

With Venus completing her activation as the Scorpio Goddess, and moving through Taurus conjunct Jupiter, the energy activations have been stirring up and bringing to the surface old ancestral wounds that we are ready to heal and release.

For this reason it is also a good time to receive Shamanic healing modalities. This might mean actually going to a shamanic practitioner for soul retrieval or other work, doing practices like Constellation, Breathwork, Voice Dialogue, ecstatic dance, or drumming and journeying to ask for assistance from the ancestors, and Spirit Guide allies to heal at a deeper level.

It can also mean surrendering to Underworld experiences such as sickness, overwhelm, pain, etc., which are accelerating this clearing process. Remember the end result is that you feel lighter and stronger as a result.

In any case, please remember that the discomfort and spells of exhaustion we feel now are signals that we are doing a whole lot of healing and clearing under the surface, so that we can move forward toward our most sacred contribution with full clarity, purity of purpose and renewed vision.

Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon

Speaking of renewed visions, the Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon reminds us that in order to make room for new visions, beliefs, paradigm breakthroughs, we must be willing to deeply feel and release cherished ideologies that no longer fit the reality we are living in.

In what ways are we trying remake the world overnight? In what fashion might we assume that we “know best,” and the Universe is just refusing to deliver, in our timing, what we assume is a better reality? Grief is involved here, as we recognize that we are in pain over the current state of the world, all the ways it falls short of how our inner idealists wish to experience it.

I recently had a direct transmission, through Voice Dialogue work, of the exhaustion my inner idealist was feeling as she battled every single aspect of modern life. At the core, she was angry and grief stricken that in the modern culture to simply eat, travel, be housed, and make a living in concert with the rest of the community, we are harming the Earth in multiple ways.

That grief was sincere, and so was the exhaustion. What I have been attempting to break through to is a deeper comprehension of how transformation really happens, and learning to see the world through the lens of a magician. How to recognize, and amplify the many ways the Earth herself, and human consciousness as an extension of her, are shifting in the direction of large-scale regeneration and healing.

Grand Earth Trine

The Venus/Jupiter in Taurus dynamic helps us to become deeply grounded in the core of our being rooted in the Heart of the Earth. This is amplified by the Grand Earth Trine, with Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. The Trine is transmitted to us more powerfully on Thursday, when the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

This accentuates our ability to become both deep and expansive at the same time. Pluto and the Moon anchor us, help us experience the gravity pull of the Earth, and to welcome our own internal healing and regenerative processes. Mars in Virgo helps to ground us in our Sacred Work, and Venus/Jupiter help us to savor the experience of being human, and having a body.

At the same time, we are invited to expand and move forward powerfully, through the powerful Mercury Retrograde/Uranus in Aries effect. It should be noted that forward movement, however, for the next 3 weeks of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, should first be ignited by the deeper intuitive knowing we access through our moments of grounded, still awareness.

If we allow ourselves to be all about action and momentum, without taking frequent breaks for the internal journey, healing, and connection to source, we will become frazzled, worn, and exhausted, much sooner than if we are staying in balance, and recharging ourselves from the energy of the Earth.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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More current astrology, Virgo/Pisces, the “retro” trend, Qigong Healingfest, labeling GMOs, and Conception Day 2012


# 1 – More on the current astrology trends from Tami Brunk at astrologyforearthrenewal.com…

Virgo as the Leading-Edge Masculine

Our present Mars in Virgo cycle initiates a time where men (and the masculine principle) align themselves as allies to the Earth (and feminine principle). Virgo has the ability to perceive of, create ceremony around, and otherwise evoke and work magically with, the sacred aspect of matter, with the Soul of the Earth–the re-emerging Goddess.
What might this mean for our Earth and human community? I see it as a rapid increase in technologies and ecological design systems to assist the global human community in transitioning to an era of harmony with Earth systems. Virgo is skillful at navigating and calibrating/recalibrating complex natural (ecological, physiological) as well as technological systems.
I see this also a time where  many of us, (and especially men), are stepping away from careers that simply pay the bills, or support the family, so as to pursue the sacred work that only we can fully contribute. Right livelihood is a fundamental need for Virgo. Work that can make a difference, that can bring greater balance to a world in transition.
This also represents a time where we are learning to release our focus on how others perceive of us, and how our actions place us in the social hierarchy (Mars has completed its most recent cycle in Leo). Instead, we are learning to engage in our work from the place of the devoted craftsman/woman–committed to delivering the most masterful expression of our art; not for applause, but for love of the craft itself.

The Goddess Breaking Barriers

After crossing the 5th Gate (Moon conjunction) last Saturday and becoming fully empowered at the 5th Chakra, the Goddess (Venus), currently in the sign of Aries, was exactly opposite Saturn (Libra 29) early this morning.
Life circumstances have been pushing many of us (especially women) to take a stand for our own truth, what we know and believe, and what we are capable of. The 5th Chakra is where we find our fundamental truth, and it is also where we give our word, setting our intentions in the world.
When we are more accustomed to staying small and adjusting ourselves to meet the needs of others, it can be terrifying to stand up and assert our right to be. It is tremendously courageous to take a stand, to be willing to claim our own personal power, vision, and capacity, and move from that place.
In these situations, many of us are finding that we must call on Spirit for assistance, and to claim and embody our higher selves. We must be willing to bluff our way through when we are not quite “there” yet,  acting as though we are valuable, smart, capable, worthy, until we begin to believe it ourselves.
With Saturn in the picture, we are stretching ourselves through conscious effort, and are really feeling the growth pains. Our triumphs, big and small, are not simply handed to us. We earn them. It is the act of pushing through barriers and resistance (often more  inner than outer), that we gain the muscle to show up more and more in our lives, and in the world.
Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!
Early Monday morning Mercury is conjunct Uranus in the first of 3 conjunctions over the next month. This portends an energizing time, where we are able to access the boldest, most visionary ideas and perceptions. We are waking up to the new visions of possibility and imagination that will lead us through the remainder of the year.
Mercury represents Collective Mind, and it is in need of a serious reboot. Uranus triggering Mercury so powerfully at this time is the electrifying wake up call we all need. This is the time for us to tune into our intuition, and to take embodied action in the direction of our most invigorating vision.
It is a time to let go of phrases like–it’s impossible (because it’s never happened before). It’s inevitable (because those with the greatest power tell us repeatedly that it is so.) It is too hard (because we have not quite gained enough momentum yet) Throw those old ideas out the window. We are here as revolutionaries of the Heart, destined to overthrowing the old habits of mind, destined to create a new paradigm.
Calling all visionaries, change agents, radical healers, and beauty makers–now is our time to shine, and to step forward.  Have you felt frustrated, meeting barriers as you try to affect change? Does it feel like humanity is moving far too slowly in the direction of sanity and Earth care? Remember the principle of momentum, and ready yourselves.
All that we have been dreaming, and visioning is taking form at a rapid pace, and our job over the coming months will be to ground ourselves enough to flow with the accelerated change, with as much ease as possible. We have been learning the rhythm of the Earth’s heartbeat, and entraining ourselves to that. Let the wild rumpus begin!
# 2 – Information about an upcoming event sponsored by The Shift Network

If your circle of influence includes visionaries, healers, change agents, artists, pioneers, agents of conscious evolution, way showers, and lovers of humanity, The Shift Network together with the entire 2012 Welcoming committee invite you to share a free ticket to Conception Day 2012 – live, virtual, and global – March 22, 2012.

Imagine 100 million of us gathering in a shared commitment to birth a healthy, sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous world.  We can achieve this goal with your help!  Invite your community to celebrate locally, find co-creators, and unleash our unique geniuses for this collective campaign.

# 3 – For you animal lovers out there, another great story with a happy ending…


Plus an interesting video with some beautiful big cats and a couple of breeds I’d never seen…


# 4 – An invitation from Chris Flisher at Turning of the Wheel about his program tomorrow at 11am EST on the current astrological “retro trend”…

We are about to be immersed in the power of three major planets in retrograde motion.  Mars has been in reverse since the end of January, Saturn started to high-tail it backwards in the beginning of February and now little Mercury will toss it all away and waltz backwards aiming towards Uranus.  This could actually be quite a mess for the planet.  Mercury retrograde conjunct Uranus typically spells natural unrest.  Where does it affect you in your chart?  How will this affect you this month?  How do we prepare?What are the best strategies for such a backwards pull?  Listen as my good friend and colleague Sharita and I discuss this ominous cosmic event.  Call-ins welcome the  second half of show.Call with your questions. Where do these planets fall in your chart? Free readings in the second half of the show. Listen, learn, evolve!

Call-ins welcome the second half of show.


# 5- Interested in telling the FDA to label foods containing GMOs, etc.? Here’s an easy way to let your voice be heard…


# 6- Even though the full moon was officially yesterday, this article contains information and insights that are always going to be pertinent…

Virgo Full Moon Reflections:
The Editor
by April Elliott Kent

As a writer, I’ve worked with my share of editors. I’ve appreciated every one of them. A couple of them, I’ve downright loved.

The editors I’ve loved working with have had something important in common.Their focus was on what was right with my work, instead of what was wrong with it. I mean, eventually we got around to refining the disjointed thoughts and cleaning up the sentences that occasionally trailed off without any ending at all. In this, they were every bit as exacting as their job required. But the process began with their enthusiasm for the best of my writing, followed by coaching designed to help me bring the rest of it up to the same level.

All this is soothing for the writer’s ego, of course. But there’s also a practical lesson in there for any of us who find ourselves in a position of critiquing others, as parents, bosses, coaches, or even friends: most of the time, high standards combined with encouragement inspires better results than criticism alone.

The Full Moon in Virgo – especially this one, with the Moon conjoined prickly Mars in Virgo, and Mercury square Pluto – is a good time to meditate on one of the keywords commonly associated with Virgo: criticism. Virgo’s criticism is a consequence of two other keyword qualities, discrimination and discernment. Like its opposite sign, Pisces, Virgo is idealistic, embracing dreams of perfection – but Virgo can be a bit pessimistic about the capacity of mere mortals to live up to these ideals.

While Pisces is blessed with the ability to overlook imperfection, Virgo is tasked with seeing each failing that stands between us and the vision. Sometimes, it must be said, Virgo indulges in negative criticism; the world is full of faults and mediocrity, and Virgo’s inability to ignore these things can turn her into a cranky scold. But sometimes, Virgo criticizes because she is enraptured by a vision of greatness that lies only a few punctuation marks away.

My mother was born with the Moon in Virgo. When I tell astrologers this, they tsk-tsk – “You poor thing!” they say, imagining a childhood spent practicing hospital corners and declining verbs under the supervision of a scowling prison matron. It’s true that Mom’s standards for us were high. Get good grades. Be polite. Always do your best. Be the bigger person. These were hard to live up to, and when we were small and learning these lessons, Mom was tough, and tolerated nothing less than our best effort.

Expectations like these could be pretty rough coming from someone who doesn’t like you and has little hope that her opinion will improve with prolonged exposure. But luckily (and perhaps this is the influence of her Venus in Pisces peeking through), Mom made us feel that she really liked us. And even when she scolded, she prefaced her comments with something like, “I know you’re better than that.” Even when we really, truly weren’t.

Mom used to say that most people behave just about the way you expect them to behave. If you treat them as though you assume they’ll do the right thing, then they will go out of their way to prove you right. I never figured out whether she was right about this, or whether she was just a really good judge of character and surrounded herself with diamonds in the rough. But for whatever reason, for more than three decades, I watched the unlikeliest people blossom in her presence. People loved her – not just because she was friendly and funny, but because she made them feel like better people than they had ever imagined they could be.

I thought of Mom when a Virgo friend posted about honesty one day on Facebook. She wrote something like, “People think that being honest means criticizing people for everything that’s wrong about them. But I believe honesty means that when someone is really wonderful, or has done something amazing, then I should tell them that.”

I like this perspective. My friend was not advocating that we massage others with condescending, Hallmark sentimentality. Rather, it’s a reminder that criticism doesn’t have to be brutal, and that the ability to perceive the faults that prevent others from being great is no more important than the ability to make them believe that they are capable of greatness at all.

If you find yourself in a position of being someone’s “editor,” I propose beginning not with a litany of errors and failings, but with a vision of what she might become – and more importantly, the ideal she envisions for herself. What if everything were to come together in just the right way – if she found the true center of herself, committed to the hard work of being and doing better, of humbly serving her vision? What would her paradise look like?

And how can you help her get there?

©  2012 April Elliott Kent

# 7 – And don’t forget that Monday the Spring Forest Healingfest sponsored by Learning Strategies begins. Check one of my previous posts for details about this exciting event.

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Astrology update, eye-opening sweet potato experiment, great animal story, New Age humor, and a touching tribute from Japan

OMG, I just got back from a 5-day Access event with Rikka Zimmerman and am still in the “dust settling” stage of things, but if you ever get a chance to experience her in person, don’t miss it! Anyway, maybe more on that at a later point, but I wanted to get back to providing you with some stimulation and inspiration after being out of the loop this past week…


# 1 – I may be the only person out there who’s getting tired of everybody on the internet thinking they now have to present their information, products, services, etc. in audio or video format….

But this is one video I really enjoyed watching….the little girl is adorable and the information is eye-opening, to say the least.


# 2 – Get some hankies ready for this great video from Japan…


# 3 – Humor goes “New Age-y” with Kyle Cease…


# 4 – For you animal lovers out there, a sad story with a very happy ending…


# 5 – And an astrological update from Chris Flisher…

An Intellectual Revolution

The most important alignment for the month of March will be the co-joining of Mercury, Uranus and the Sun all in the early degrees of restless, spring-bound Aries. As Mercury stations and heads towards retrograde motion on March 12 we can expect all sorts of sparky, impulsive discussions surrounding key intellectual subjects. This is the fuel of revolution as Uranus the great rebel occupies a higher frequency than Mercury and elevates the common discussion to one of historical importance. To complicate the matter these planets will be in a square (90 degree) alignment to mighty Pluto in Capricorn. The confusion, revelation, and realization of what is occurring will be unavoidable  Much will need to be sorted as opinions vary and progress seems locked in quicksand. These are the times that try men’s souls, as the phrase goes. Why?

Uranus symbolizes the sporadic, cerebral quality of thought and change, while Mercury is the very embodiment of communication. Together they forge a unique conversation that may seem agitated and regressive. Mercury retrograde tends to send progress backwards as we stop and reconsider. In fact, any word with the prefix “re” works for this transit – re-view, re-consider, re-visit and so on. How does this unfold on the world’s stage? Looking at this dynamic combination in the United States it is actually quite easy to see the dialog regress as the topic of birth control, abortion, women’s right s and other “ancient” topics come back to the public discourse. This is not a political commentary, but rather a simple social observation. There is no judgment here; just watching the wheels go round and round.

Why, when we are immersed in a global economic quagmire, would politicians be speaking of long-resolved issues? Why do these topics appear again? Haven’t we been down this road years ago? Didn’t we solve the problem of contraception ages ago? Wasn’t that the 1960s? Why is this topic back on the headlines today? There is no historical value for these issues at this point in time. Been there; done that. The universe is not regressive, so this is a pathway that will surely work against progress.

This is a reactionary (Uranus) distraction of the highest order. By bringing this topic to the table AGAIN, the conversation shifts from the real issues. Because this topic is so emotional, it harbors deep fears/views/emotions in people and strikes at the very core of an age old problem that should never enter the conversation. This distraction will force us to come to divisive lines of opinion that will not unify but rather separate our collective consciousness. In an effort to display contrast, this conversation brings up a point that will surely draw a line between parties. Again, this is an observation and does not represent any political opinion on my part. “Just the facts m’am;” so to speak.

The distractibility of this type of tense angle will indeed force the issue of a resolution. Resolution may come at the cost of progress as unnecessary media cycles churn away at explosive and inflammatory issues when all we really need to do is start working and get our jobs done. There is nothing easy, but simple problem resolution is required. As we see moderate politicians leave the arena we know we are in trouble. History (not opinion) has repeatedly shown that the way forward is straight down the middle. The middle way is the spot where true compromise comes to the fore and diplomacy rules, leaving both sides feeling as if they gained. The byproduct of this gain is in fact a step forward for the person in the street.

How do we resolve this and elevate the dialog to one that serves us better? We speak out and we act with goodness and optimism. Gently we move the dialog back to the points that we need to address. Pluto in Capricorn will drive significant foundational changes that will be triggered by reactionary Uranus and fueled by Mercury in retrograde motion for the large part of the month. Later in April the fog will clear and the past will look much different as will the future.

Week of March 5th

This week presents a time of intellectual spark as Mercury and Uranus join forces and forge a dynamic energy pattern that sends conversations into the unknown. We can expect sudden shifts in our thought process and brilliant flashes of insight and innovation. As both of these planets will be drifting through Aries we can expect some rather impulsive exchanges of words, ideas and discoveries. Aries tends to drive and initiate, so expect bold departures and unheard of proposals. There should be a tangible excitement that accompanies this type of energy so tap into it and ride the charge.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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