HFCS and mercury, Andrew Cohen on evolution, Access in Alpharetta, coconut oil for Alzheimer’s, and some great Abraham


# 1 – The other day the post included information about the difference between sugar and HFCS. Here’s even more bad news about HFCS, including the fact that much of it is tainted with mercury…


# 2 – From EnlightenNext and Andrew Cohen, here’s some stimulation. The only thing I would ask/say/add is “What about the NOW?” It’s good to be forward thinking and have a vision of  what we are intending to bring forth in the future, but in my point of view the point of power is always in the now….

Preoccupied with the Possible

The following quote was taken from Andrew Cohen’s answer to a reader’s question on his new blog:

QUESTION: What do you mean when you say that awakening to the evolutionary impulse literally changes everything and inspires you to become a completely different person?

ANSWER: This means that when we awaken to what I call the “evolutionary impulse,” our fundamental relationship to life, to existence, changes in the most dramatic way. Now we have discovered an absolute, non-relative reason to be who we are. We’ve realized that we are products of an evolutionary universe, we’re on a moving train, and that train is going somewhere. This realization shifts our attention from the past and the present to the future. Now we are constantly preoccupied by what’s possible instead of what has already been. Awakening to evolution instills a super life-positive inspiration to be in this world as ourselves and, most importantly, to make sure that the world is a better place because we are here.

To post a response to Andrew’s answer or ask a question of your own, please visit Andrew’s blog »


# 1- Anyone who knows me knows I can’t say enough good stuff about Access Consciousness and Rikka Zimmerman,….

So it goes without saying that I am excited about her upcoming Access event in Alpharetta, GA,….a 4 hour drive, but well worth it. Anyone wanting more details and a flyer for the event, just leave a comment and I will be happy to oblige. :-)

# 2 – Anyone who knows me also knows I’m wild about coconut oil,….it smells and tastes great and has sooo many benefits. Check out this video about using the oil for Alzheimer’s….


Also visit my webpages for more information on the oil and how to use it to detox the body…



# 3   And some great words of wisdom from Abraham….

“When you are feeling the discomfort from seeing other people in a lackful or needy situation, and you decide to help them from your place of discomfort, no lasting value ever occurs, for two important reasons: first, you are not in alignment with the Energy of your Source, and so you have no real value to give; and second, your attention to their need only amplifies their need.

Of course, it is a wonderful thing to help others, but you must do it from your position of strength and alignment, which means you must be in alignment with their success as you offer assistance, and not in alignment with their problem.

When your awareness of their situation makes you uncomfortable and you offer help to make them feel better and to make yourself feel better, you are not in the Vortex and you are not helping. When you feel an inspired eagerness to offer something because you want to participate in their happy, successful process, your attention to their success harmonizes with the point of view of your Source; and the infinite resources of the Universe are at your disposal. And that does help.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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