Astrology update, great article from Chellie, Andrew Cohen’s replay, free series and a talking dog!


# 1  – A look at the astrology of the year and the week ahead from Chris Flisher…

As we enter 2012 we should view our present situation and remember.  We are about to witness the shifting energies of several powerful planets in Cardinal Signs.  Cardinal Signs are all about initiation, shifts, and newness.  Their are four Cardinal Signs in astrology; Cardinal Fire (Aries), Cardinal Water (Cancer), Cardinal Air (Libra), and Cardinal Earth (Capricorn).  These are the signs, that when planets enter, things begin to happen.  Depending on the sign and the planet, we can feel an amazingly powerful impact.  This means action and change of the highest order.

Let’s begin with Uranus in Aries.  First, Aries is the leader of the Zodiac and is the herald of all new things.  This is the highest point of initiation and is directed by the ruling planet of Mars.  Mars imbues all visitors with courage and conviction.  Uranus has gone direct (forward motion) in Aries as of December 10, 2011.  This is the planet of revolution, rebellion, innovation and invention.  When you see Uranus enter into Aries you are likely to witness boldness of great magnitude.  Governments toppling, organizations overthrown, new inventions and amazing breakthroughs. (NOTE: Uranus first entered Aries on March 11, 2011 for the first time in 84 years.  This was the date of the Japan earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.)

Next, we have Pluto in Capricorn.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and presents change and initiation through foundational exercises.  Building and rebuilding earth-bound structures and fundamental organizations.  When Pluto, the planet of transformation moves through Capricorn it tears down structure, organization, dogmas, and tenets then realigns them for the greater good of humankind.  Banking, insurance, political parties, large religious groups are all victims of Pluto. By July 4th, the fiery planet of action, aggression, ambition will enter the sign of Cardinal Air (Libra).  Mars is the firebrand of action and will be moving into the Air sign which fuels Mars’ inner volatility to great affect (air feeds fire.)  This will, then place, Mars in an opposition to Uranus and at a square to Pluto.

All of this activity will most likely then be triggered by the ingress of the Sun into Cancer, the Cardinal Water sign and Sun sign of the United States.   So as this stacks up we will have Mars, Uranus, Pluto and the Sun all sitting in tight degrees of Cardinal signs.  Action and immense progress are the key words.  This is not the time to run to fear, but rather fall into the arms of change.  How this effects YOU will be determined by the placement of the Cardinal Signs in your individual chart.  The houses that host these signs are most likely to be impacted.  We will most likely see great events occur as this cardinal Cross yaws into place.  If you have questions about your chart, contact me at

Week of January 2: The Sun warms to Pluto in Capricorn and the days begin to lighten  ever so gradually.  We can begin to feel the groundswell of momentum  building towards a bold expansion.  It may be tangible electricity  amidst the swirl of distraction we face on a daily basis.  Perhaps the  time has come to put down the interruptions and contemplate what is to  come?  We will likely experience a see-sawing frustration over expansion  and constraint as Saturn and Jupiter work to oppose each other with  their own energies.  This may be felt as “hurry-up and stop” which,  then, causes us to reconsider our options.  Can we satisfy both urges?

# 2 – Linda Pannell at World Changing Wisdom is offering a free event and she says….

I am thrilled to share with you “The Spirit Code,” an exclusive World Changing Wisdom event with spiritual teacher and healer, Jonathan Ellerby.
Jonathan is the internationally-acclaimed, best- selling author of “Return to the Sacred:  Ancient Pathways to Awakening,” “Your Spiritual Personality,” and “Inspiration Deficit Disorder”.

Join Jonathan and me on January 16th at 4 p.m. ET for “The Spirit Code – An Introduction”, a free 30-minute training call. In this call, you will:

–Understand the Nature of the Soul and the Promise of Spiritual Awakening –Learn what the SPIRIT CODE is

–Discover that a CODE Lives Within You

–Discover How to Determine Your Code by Looking at 6 Factors that Add Up to Being A Key to Your Spiritual Experience

To learn more and to register for our first Free call, click on the link below:

# 3 – Ah, my girl Chellie Campbell does it again. A great blog post to start off the new year….

# 4 – Looking for a way to make 2012 a great year? Gabbi Taube at Coaching With the Masters has just started a new free series featuring 24 presentations by masters in the fields of health, wealth and transformation. You can sign up here.

# 5 – In case you missed Andrew Cohen’s New Year’s Day Address, the full audio recording of the broadcast available for you to download at the following link:

Download the audio here

During the broadcast, Andrew spoke about how New Year’s Day is a time when we are in touch with a sense of infinite creative potential that inspires us to make big changes in our lives. The challenge, he said, is staying awake to this life-positive inspiration throughout the rest of the year. In that spirit, he asked everyone listening to contemplate the question, “What would our lives look like if we remained awake to this sense of inspiration and lived every day as if it were New Year’s Day?”


For all you animal lovers out there…

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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