Full moon info & global event, free back care info, the dangers of GMOs, and Big Fat Lies Summit. Hmmm…


# 1 – Here’s a message from Samantha Bennett and the MaestroPath Team about an upcoming event… 

Has anyone told you lately how fabulous you are? Because really – you are one smart, truth-telling, heartfelt person.

So I thought you might like to join me in tuning into the Exposing the Big Fat Lies Summit – first of all, this ain’t your run-of-the-mill summit, either – no sales pitches, no boring parts – you’re going to love the practical tools & no-nonsense insights. 

You know our friend Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach – she’s just written a new book called “Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Unleash Your Inner Superstar” – great title, huh? – and to celebrate the launch she’s hosting this inspiring 10-day powerhouse of a summit.

Since Amy’s good friends with some of today’s best thinkers &  spiritual and self-help leaders, she was able to convince a thrilling  line-up of speakers to share – for free – their best tips, tricks and  insights into exposing your Inner Critic as the Big Fat Liar she is. And then you will lock in on the truth of your magnificence and wake up  your Inner Superstar.

PLUS Amy has even been able to ask these luminaries to reveal their  OWN Big Fat Lies…yes, that’s right, you’ll get a glimpse into the inner  world of these incredible women masters.

Check out this line up:

–    Big Fat Lies about Your Worth with SARK and Lisa Nichols

–    Big Fat Lies About Body and Self-Care with Dr. Lissa Rankin and Shakaya Leone

–    Big Fat Lies About Love & Relationships with Arielle Ford and Carol Allen

–    Big Fat Lies About Money with Alexis Neely and Karen Russo

–    Big Fat Lies About Success with Marci Shimoff and Michelle Villalobos

–    Big Fat Lies About Being Authentic with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Dyana Valentine

–    Big Fat Lies About Spirit with Claire Zammit and Gabrielle Bernstein

–    Your Inner Superstar Awakened with Samantha Bennett (yep – that’s me!) and Christine Arylo

–    Big Fat Lies about Motherhood with Kristine Carlson

–    Big Fat Lies about men with Mike Robbins, Chris Kyle & Noah Martin

You can register for free here: http://www.BigFatLiesSummit.com

# 2- An article about avoiding the dangers of GMOs that features a link to a guide you can download to help you be a smarter shopper and eater… 


# 3- Yoga expert and teacher Lucas Rockwood at Yoga Body Naturals is offering some video information on back care as a lead-in to his upcoming 5 week workshop. Learn more here.

#4 – A brief update on the full moon from Risa’s column in the Santa Cruz Good Times and astrologer Chris Flisher…

RISA: Tuesday is the full moon, solar festival of Libra (18 degrees). “Let choice be made.” And, “I choose the way that leads between two great lines of force.” The meditative keynotes of Libra.

Choice is the determining factor (lesson) of Libra. When we invoke the
Will-to-Good, we are aligned with Right Choice. We are Arjuna, under Krishna’s
tutelage, choosing which side to battle on. Do we choose the personality ways
or the Ways of the Soul? Either choice is correct. When the latter is chosen,
the Dweller on the Threshold becomes the Angel of the Presence.

CHRIS: Impulsive initiation.  Accountability.
A rather intense period awaits as the full Moon in Aries brings on the impulsivity of the planet.  This will be a fiery time for passion and new beginnings. Aries leads the whole pack when it comes to initiation so be on the lookout as emotions and events spring out of nowhere into the forefront.  The Sun pairs up with Saturn in Libra and forces the promise of delayed responsibility. The piper needs to be paid if we are to keep dancing.  The Moon also triggers Pluto and adds a long-lasting sense of drama to the events of this time as Mars kicks the whole theme into action as it glides through Leo.

# 5 – The Global Coherence Initiative, sponsored by the Institute of HeartMath, is organizing a full moon global event for tomorrow, Oct. 11th, that focuses on the world economy. To participate or find out more you can go to the HeartMath site (http://www.heartmath.org/get-involved/caring-initiatives/caring-initiatives-home.html) or to www.globalcareroom.org. Here’s your chance to make a difference!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to check out my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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