Libra new moon, James O’Dea, artificial sweeteners in our water, the cons of bottled water


#1 – Here’s information on the current Libra new moon and other astrological events from…

September 27th New Moon
The Libra New Moon takes place in the early hours of Tuesday, September 27th. This is an extremely powerful New Moon, since it triggers the UranusPluto square that has been the hallmark of this past summer and indeed these past few years. The New Moon degree is 4 Libra, with Mercury at 2 plus degrees of that sign; since we have Uranus at 2 plus Aries and Pluto at 4 plus of Capricorn, the temporary T-square of the energies is huge. Mercury adds to this picture because as well as closely opposing Uranus it is exactly parallel. Additionally, Mars at 5 plus Leo makes an almost exact inconjunct with Pluto and a  to Uranus.

What this could mean for the weeks ahead is several-fold. At the most mundane level we can expect surprises. There have been quite a few in the world news lately and we are likely to see more. This New Moon is the kick-off for the entire four-week lunation cycle that will take most of October to complete, and it is over this entire period that surprising events are likely, as well as surprising enlightenment arising out of our understanding of these events. We also might want to be extra careful, since Mars is in the picture of this New Moon in connection to both Uranus and Pluto, and Mars with Uranus adds up to accidents, even though in this case the aspect is a trine, a relatively benign aspect. There is also the probability of strong intuitional hits coming down, affecting the way we see the world around us. We do well to keep as alert as possible since we have the opportunity of getting an unexpectedly clear glimpse into the workings of the universe or at least into the workings of our own psyches.

Then too, with Pluto in the picture, transformation is in the air. This means that necessary changes we have been enjoined to make might no longer be able to be put off. The known condition of our lives, even though not be the best for us in the long run, is always the most comfortable; the important changes that we know we need to make become postponed indefinitely. That is where the wrecking ball represented by Pluto comes in, and then we don’t have to wait any longer. In this regard the action definitely steps up next spring, when the square between Uranus and Pluto becomes exact for the first time. UranusPluto is active for at least five more years beyond 2012, so that the remainder of this vitally important decade of the teens will be increasingly dicey.

One other factor is prominent in this New Moon configuration, and it is a softer and gentler one than what has been already discussed. Jupiter and Neptune are in quintile with each other, and they each make a bi-quintile aspect to the New Moon, an aspect pattern called a bi-quintile yod. This brings a much-needed spiritual quality and even optimism to the proceedings, although the joyous idealism of this symbolism could also manifest as confusion, illusion or outright deception. With Saturn less prominent and with Neptune strongly configured, the feeling of can-do might be a welcome relief from all the recent polarization of attitudes both with regard to interpersonal situations and on the national scene. Perhaps compromise is possible after all, and we can yet achieve some lasting progress as we truly enter this tumultuous and difficult decade.

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# 3 – This article about the hazards of drinking bottled water also contains a web site called Find a ,where you can locate your nearest natural spring….

# 4 – Here’s an eye-opening (and alarming!) article from Dr. Mercola’s newsletter about how artificial sweeteners are turning up in our drinking water….

# 5 – And a little Abraham to end on…

“A  belief in shortage or lack will prevent your discovery of the  path to your own creation, and any feeling of resistance indicates that you are  on the wrong Vibrational path. However, in your understanding of the  never-ending abundance of this Universe, you will feel personal delight  whenever you observe anyone’s alignment with it, for their achievement can in  no way diminish yours, but can only enhance it.”–Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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