Pisces full moon, Gregg Braden, the dangers of mercury, and The Divine Name. Interesting combo!


# 1 – Here’s an insightful take on the meaning of the current full moon cycle and other astrological configurations….

Intuitive Message for the Pisces Full Moon:
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
by Julia Bondi

Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs… this is the political mantra of our
“Where are the jobs?” may be used as a political accusation to
castigate the opposing party and advance a partisan agenda, but the question is
a painfully real one. Where are the jobs that once supported a thriving middle
class who were marrying, starting families, building homes, sending their
children to good schools and perhaps to college as they marched confidently
toward a better life – the American Dream? We were all led to believe this
dream was our birthright as Americans — this dream that is either slipping away
or on life-support
. Will good paying, low skill jobs ever come back to
American shores, or is that golden era of family unity and strength gone
forever? What will replace it?

The jobs of the post War golden age of the American middle class have
been imperiled
since the 1960’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo
opposing Saturn in Pisces began to challenge the 50’s ideals of the secure,
lifelong company man whose wife could stay at home to raise their children.
First, the children of the baby boom were beginning to come of age in the 60’s
and they were rejecting the concepts of their parents, which they felt were soul
deadening. They tuned in, turned on and dropped out. Secondly, the world was
recovering from the devastation of World War II and beginning to compete with
the supremacy of American manufacturing and power. The security of the post-war
boom was in jeopardy, though few knew it then. Now, as Uranus and Pluto square
one another, revisiting the 60’s, we are painfully aware that the world
of the 50’s is over, never to return

2012 will see Neptune move into Pisces as Mars retrogrades in Virgo,
framing the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square.
Is it any wonder that the
August 28, 2011 New Moon in Virgo and the September 12 Full Moon in Pisces would
stimulate jobs plans from Republican candidates for the Presidency and President
Obama’s jobs address to the joint session of Congress? This painful, lengthening
recession/depression is not a “normal” business cycle trough. Most economists
state clearly that the world has changed and the jobs picture of the past is not
coming back.

Uranus in Virgo in the 60’s saw the birth of the technology/computer
revolution that would revolutionize industry. Pluto in Virgo saw the stirring of
the birth of the rest of the world who would rise to be competitors to the
United States economy. No, we are not going to recover the fading dreams of
corporate dominance and security and, yes, Americans and many others throughout
the world are genuinely suffering from this dislocating transformation of global
business. Where are we headed and how shall we get there?

The emphasis on the Virgo/Pisces archetypes is awakening a
that we are all creative, entrepreneurial individuals (whether
we work for someone else or for ourselves) who were born with a destiny that
centers around and is supported and fulfilled by “right livelihood”, the soulful
work that we are meant to contribute to the world. We are living in a
transformational moment, a momentous time, when we are re-visioning our world in
order to create a new one. A new world that supports teaching everyone to learn
what their innate skills and talents are, to develop those skills and to find
and follow the path of “right livelihood” — through which they will evolve as
they serve the world around them.

Our belief systems, our institutions, our politics and our awareness are not
yet committed to this reality — the world of work, jobs, salaries, and making a
living is being re-birthed. This Full Moon is a time to examine our
individual relationship to work,
a time to tenderly ask, “Is this what
I am here to do?”, so that we might fully engage our souls’ work.

© 2011 Julia Bondi
All rights

# 2 – Want more information and stimulation? Henry Seltzer at Astrograph.com has this to say about the full moon….

This Full Moon, taking place on Monday, September 12th, has its peaceful and also its contentious elements, so that we will have a good opportunity to choose our way forward; and it is obviously to be wished for that we will choose as wisely as possible. On the peaceful side, the Full Moon takes place in calm and gentle Pisces, and there are aspects as well to Jupiter from the Sun, Moon and Mercury, plus a spiritual quintile from Jupiter to the ruler of Pisces, namely Neptune. We therefore might expect a momentary sense of calm amidst the maelstrom of recent events. With Neptune also, there has been a subtle air of fantasy and potential deception hanging over this monthÕs configurations, so that, as has been the case for many months, we are not very sure where we stand and which end is truly up. We must learn to live with paradox, on the collective level and for our own lives individually as well. This has of course been evidenced on the national stage by the stock market and the economy in general.

There are also elements of contention in this month’s configurations and in this Full Moon in particular, with the Sun and Moon square the Nodal Axis and with both Mars and  emphasized.  There is an important SaturnChiron dynamic as well, highlighted by this Full Moon. Saturn with Chiron brings up the wound of misplaced authority, stemming from situations when we questioned the leadership of parental figures from our early life, and questioned too whether the authority that they exerted over us was in fact in our own best interest. When this wound extends into our adult lives we question authority in all its forms applying to us today. This mid-month time period is a powerful one to acknowledge this type of early trauma and its consequences into the present moment. If we can accept ourselves at the deepest possible level, trauma included – and the residue of trauma – we have the chance to truly own our own authority, and this is vitally important as we move through the remainder of this climactic decade.

It is also interesting to note that this Full Moon takes place just one day after the tenth anniversary of 9-11. We as a nation are still raw from the fallout of that cataclysmic event, and struggling to recover from it even to this day. No matter what you believe regarding the events of September 11th, 2001 and their aftermath in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, one thing is certain; nothing remains the same. The nation’s history in this very important time of transition can be regarded as falling into two periods, the one before 9-11 and the one after. What we are seeing, I believe, is nothing less than the transformation of America, as I have tried to indicate in my recent Zodiactivism blog entries. What does this mean for each one of us personally? That it is important to recognize the transformation of our own personal evolution coming down upon our heads, like it or not; and ready for it or not. Rather than go kicking and screaming like small children at bedtime, since go we must in any case, we benefit when we can embrace the change.

# 3 – Lisa Garr of The Aware Show  is hosting a presentation with Gregg Braden (one of my absolute favorite people to listen to and learn from!) tomorrow, September 13, 2011 at 3:00 PM Eastern (2:00 PM Central, 12:00 PM Pacific). This is a free event and you can register here.

# 4 –  And an indepth (and alarming) article about the dangers of mercury…


#5 – Want some inspiration? Here’s a link to The Divine Name, by Jonathan Goldman, a short video for integrating the mind and heart with great visuals and entrancing sounds. It will serve as a nice antidote for any fear or stress brought up by the article on the dangers of mercury. :-)


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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