Astrological update, my own spiritual Mind Movie, the benefits of diatomaceous earth and more!


# 1 – Here’s the latest astrological update on the current moon phase from Astrograph. Very insightful….

The Last Quarter Moon taking place this weekend, on Sunday, August 21st – at about 3 PM on the West Coast, 6 PM on the East Coast – represents an excellent chance to look back over the course of the month and evaluate where you have been and how far you have come internally. This phase is not so much about action, but rather about reaction to events that have transpired over the course of the three-week period that preceded it, and comes with an extra strong push in this direction from the Mercury retrograde period with which we began the month. At that time, Mercury occupied the initial degrees of Virgo, and now at this important crossroads, Venus enters Virgo practically coincident with this Quarter Moon, which features the Sun in the 29th degree of Leo in very nearly in exact opposition to Neptune, just as Mercury was when it began its backward motion nearly three weeks back.

With Neptune in the picture there is always an emphasis on paradoxical situations and feelings, along with an especially strong dose of synchronicity. Music and poetry are favored as expressions of mystical meaning; truth that is non-rational and that goes beyond the more obvious factoids of merely logical ratiocination. This mystical factor is very important to keep in mind as we ponder our position in an expanding personal universe. As a society we are in the midst of immense change, and we are striving mightily to discern what our own portion of that change might encompass, because it is going to take all of us. Part of what holds important clues for us now is our ability to see beyond the immediate concerns of putting bread on the table to what constitutes the largest possible picture meaning of what we as humans are up to at this important juncture in a radically transforming civilization. It’s a truly excellent time to journal, and to reflect on our transition, both personal and societal.

With this philosophical backdrop in mind we might begin to see where we fit in, and how the changes that we are going through personally contribute to the larger trends of either what we would appreciate or what we would like to eliminate as we look into our deeper motivations and the ultimate consequences of our actions.

# 2 – I love finding all-natural, inexpensive, simple-to-use health products, so I was really excited to read this very interesting article by Jane G. Goldberg, PhD, owner of La Casa Day Spa (, about the many benefits  of diatomaceous earth. Have heard of the substance before, but was unaware of what it might offer health-wise…

# 3 – Want a free e-course on Prosperity Secrets? Then this is your lucky day because that’s exactly what SubliminalMP3s is offering. :-)

#4And here’s a little inspiration to end on…a link to my own personal Mind Movie on spirituality, and some words of wisdom from Abraham…

“Every emotion, from despair all of the way up to ecstasy; from complete Connection to who-you-really-are, all the way to pinching yourself off pretty severely, all of those emotions are about your perception of freedom, or your perception of bondage—every one of them.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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