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Gangaji, Jean Houston, free energy healing, vulnerability, bunnies and more! What?


Wow, several things are lining up for Wednesday, the 31st…

# 1 – There’s a no-cost tele-seminar with Gangaji and Sheva Carr happening at 5pm PT, 8pm ET on the 31st as part of the Everyone Is A Healer class


# 2 – Also, Jean Houston of Evolving Wisdom is offering a free teaching session titled The Call to Greatness starting at 5:30pm PT on the 31st

To join by phone dial: (248) 464-6062 and enter 874720#

To listen on the web go to: The Call To Greatness

# 3 – And Rudy Hunter is offering one of his free healing calls on the 31st, starting at 8pm ET. For details visit www.rudyhunter.com.

# 4 – Now, as Monty Python would say, for something completely different, or in this case, something NOT happening on the 31st. Starting on Sept. 14th, world-leading chakra expert Anodea Judith is going to be offering a Manifesting Through the Chakras series. Find out more here.

# 5 – And to end on, here’s a great video by Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability, and a sweet little clip of a bunny eating a flower. Too cute!



Enjoy! Zirah

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Great free series, the power of words, the “miracle” of baking soda, and more!


# 1 – Here’s a great free series that is starting today…

Shifra at Kabbalah of Transformation is starting a new series today titled Awakening to Oneness: Healing Your Life from the Inside Out and has a powerful lineup of healers and mentors over four healing, enlightening and rejuvenating days. The event  is designed as a gateway into new levels of peace and consciousness, an access point to powerful mind/body/soul healing that will impact your body, your relationships, your finances and more.  Presenters include Ann Taylor, Jo Dunning, Larry Crane, Elyse Hope Killoran, Mark Romero, Harrison Klein, Margaret Lynch, Rob Schweitzer, Sandi Radomski & Tom Althaffer, and Dr. Bruce Berkowsky.

Registration is f*r*e*e, but you do have to click here to reserve your spot:


#2 – Want more inspiration, stimulation and insights? Check this out…

Sheila Gale of The Sheila Show is thrilled to present our Newest Teleseminar Series, ‘Ask & Receive’ with Visionaries, Masters, and Teachers of the latest ways we can Self-Heal. Some
are well known, others are cutting edge emerging giants, guiding us during this Great Human Planetary Evolution!

You’ll be hearing from: Hans King, Gregg Braden, Panacshe Desai, Dee Wallace, Lisa Nichols, Howard Martin, Russell Feingold, Arielle Ford, Kahu Fred Sterling, Dr. Richard Moss, Keji Kumara, Dr. Doug Lehrer, Donna Eden,  Ann Taylor and many more!!

What if the Universe has your back?! What if all we’re looking for is as easy as “Ask and Receive?!”  Sign Up Here! (You’ll also be able to receive 24 free gifts from the presenters)

# 3 – This interesting article from the Natural News newsletter stresses the importance of pH factor in our health and talks about using something as simple and inexpensive as baking soda for cancer and other issues…


# 4 – More insights and stimulation offered through an interview with Janet Smith Warfield, author of Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World


# 5- I think I may have shared this quote from Abraham before, but as things intensify during this time of great transition it seemed worth posting again…

We would like you to reach the place where you’re not willing to listen to people criticize one another… where you take no satisfaction from somebody being wrong… where it matters to you so much that you feel good, that you are only willing to think positive things about people…you are only willing to look for positive aspects; you are only willing to look for solutions, and you are not willing to beat the drum of all of the problems of the world.”

— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Astrological update, Healing With the Masters, Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos and more!


# 1 – Hooray! One of my favorite series, Healing With the Masters, is getting ready to start its 8th season. Here’s what host Jennifer McLean has to say…

We have THE MOST amazing season for Volume 8 of Healing With The Masters
including don Miguel Ruiz, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald
Walsch, Lindsay Wagner, and James Van Praagh (24 in total) PLUS over a dozen
Healing With The Masters Inspirational Videos that include Wayne Dyer, Dan
Millman, Gary Zukav, Carol Look and more!

So this season is not just about the series (which is the biggest and most popular of its kind) BUT it is also delivering this amazing set of videos, AND we are changing hearts, minds and lives in the process.

ALL THIS IS F*R*E*E to participants… it is time we join together to shift the planet and this series and set of videos might just put a big nudge into that process. You can register here.

#2 – If you missed the Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos presentation in June by Integral Enlightenment’s Craig Hamilton, here’s your opportunity to download and listen…

The teleconference was called: Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos: How to Align Your Life with the Impulse of Evolution  and you can download it now.

# 3 – Here’s more on the latest astrological phase we’re in from Michelle Karen…

Dearest Friends,

You have always heard me say how much I love Mercury retrograde. I  personally enjoy watching which of my friends I haven’t heard from in a  long time, re-emerge and remembering projects I may have left aside and  forgotten about. When the planet of communication appears to go  backwards in the sky, there is invariably an element of unpredictability and adventure.

But since August 3rd and until August 26th when it will go direct again at  18º Leo,  if you feel that your world has fallen into the worst chaos,  you are not alone! The reason why I am so late in getting you this, is  because every time I started writing about it, I was stopped by my  computer crashing in all sorts of different and strange ways! In the  past couple of weeks, I have spent more time at my local Apple Store and the Auto body shop (that’s another story!), than I have at home,  working! :-(

Basically, all the structures of our lives are being destroyed so that we may  reconstruct ourselves in a way that is much truer to our divine purpose. If it feels like what happened in the past few years seems part of  another lifetime, it’s because… it is! With only 10 weeks left to the  first ending of the Mayan Calendar (October 28, 2011) which completes  the cycle begun on January 5, 1999, we are coming now at MAJOR crossroads. A reincarnation without leaving our physical body. We  simply don’t have the luxury to float around aimlessly. We need to know  what our hearts truly want, pursue our dreams and believe in our ability to manifest miracles in our own lives. Become the vision that you have  for yourself, and it will materialize!

Communication is worst that during any other Mercury retrograde because of the  Opposition (180º aspect) with Neptune. Loosing our keys, receiving  packages that are empty, strange misunderstandings, messages from our  bank that make no sense at all, feeling off, erasing messages before  having read them, loosing our address book, landing in the wrong place,  mistaking an appointment date, missing a plane, misplacing an important  document, etc…. are just a few very normal occurrences. Our heads are  in the clouds. Nothing is stable. Neither within, nor without. Our  perceptions are changing. New situations are suddenly and unexpectedly  replacing old ones. Our reality is shifting. We have no choice but to  let go of the past and surrender to the unknown. We may feel strange  anxieties for no apparent reason, and in the face of very real life  threatening dramas, be calmly detached. Time could be simultaneously  accelerating and slowing down. We could experience emotions ranging from mild to severe depression, wonder where we are, why we are living this  way, what is the purpose of it all. It’s almost as if we are  simultaneously in and outside of our lives, observing the motions  without participating in them. Our dreams at night could be particularly vivid. We could feel we are dreaming when we are awake and awake when  we are dreaming. We should keep a dream journal for valuable messages.  Our visions in states of meditation could be very powerful. Movie images could stick in our psyche longer than usual. We could experience  spontaneous telepathy and truly understand  how our thoughts are affecting everything and everyone around us. It is  essential at these times, that we live with the highest degree of  integrity and know that we are Masters.

Nothing now is as it seems, and yet we need to trust that, even if it feels like hell, in the bigger picture, everything is in perfect divine order. All our vulnerable spots are being shaken, allowing us to see where we still need to work on  ourselves. Whether it’s financial issues, relationship problems, career  dilemmas, location uncertainty or all of the above, we have to take a  very honest look at ourselves. As the veil between the visible and the  invisible is thinning, answers could come to us in surprising ways. Our  sleep could be restless. We could wake up after only a few hours feeling like we’ve been hit by a truck or drank all night (even though we  didn’t!). When ancient, heavy thought and emotional patterns are  released, all the symptoms of a major physical detoxification can be present. A lingering dissatisfaction could make us wish to  change our lives from A to Z. Responsibilities could feel difficult to  meet, because basically, we don’t really care anymore. It’s a strange,  volatile time during which we should avoid making any drastic decisions. After the chips fall on September 10, we should have more clarity.

And as if this weren’t enough. to top it all, this whole month of August, we are also going through a T-Square between Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and  Uranus in Aries!! This is not a time to count on anyone but ourselves.  Our temper could be explosive, our need for freedom, intense and our  rebellion, dramatic. Sudden changes and interferences are affecting our  course and creating much confusion. We need to rely on our intuition to  see us through these times. We are being prepared for a whole new  beginning, on a whole new plane of reality. It’s as if we have boarded a plane that will land on a first exotic destination on October 28, 2011  that we had until now never even known existed!

We are being asked to purge ourselves of destructive patterns. We could  feel that certain circumstances or people are closing in on us, forcing  us to a decision we are not ready to make. It is essential that we meet  challenges with ingenuity and if we have reservations, keep our  involvement impersonal. Intense commitments have the power now to turn  our reality inside out which is a good thing if it is in alignment with  our hearts’ desires. We are completing old cycles, and circumstances ask of us that we cooperate with everybody else’s efforts for the good of  all. As we are evolving individually, all of us, as a group, are being  affected. Oneness is not just a nice philosophical concept. It is  becoming a more and more tangible reality.

This month of August is about rebellion against false perceptions. Chaos is  the forerunner of a new reality found in asserting our independence from conditionings that have blinded us to our light. Now is the time when  each one of us needs to start shining again in the brilliance of our  truth.

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S. Astrologer, Shaman, Author of Astrology For Enlightenment

#4  – For you animal lovers out there, a great little video of a pitbull and kitten being super playmates…


#5And some words of wisdom from Abraham…

When you begin to understand Law of Attraction, and you understand that which is like unto itself is drawn, then it is easier and easier to understand that you are offering a signal, and the entire Universe responds. And when you finally get that, and you begin to exercise some deliberate control about the signal that you offer, then it really begins to be fun, because then you recognize that nothing happens outside of your creative control. There are no things that happen by chance or by circumstance. There is nothing that is happening because of something you vibrated a long time ago or in a past life. It is not about what you were born into. It is only about what you are, right now, in this red hot fresh.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Astrological update, my own spiritual Mind Movie, the benefits of diatomaceous earth and more!


# 1 – Here’s the latest astrological update on the current moon phase from Astrograph. Very insightful….

The Last Quarter Moon taking place this weekend, on Sunday, August 21st – at about 3 PM on the West Coast, 6 PM on the East Coast – represents an excellent chance to look back over the course of the month and evaluate where you have been and how far you have come internally. This phase is not so much about action, but rather about reaction to events that have transpired over the course of the three-week period that preceded it, and comes with an extra strong push in this direction from the Mercury retrograde period with which we began the month. At that time, Mercury occupied the initial degrees of Virgo, and now at this important crossroads, Venus enters Virgo practically coincident with this Quarter Moon, which features the Sun in the 29th degree of Leo in very nearly in exact opposition to Neptune, just as Mercury was when it began its backward motion nearly three weeks back.

With Neptune in the picture there is always an emphasis on paradoxical situations and feelings, along with an especially strong dose of synchronicity. Music and poetry are favored as expressions of mystical meaning; truth that is non-rational and that goes beyond the more obvious factoids of merely logical ratiocination. This mystical factor is very important to keep in mind as we ponder our position in an expanding personal universe. As a society we are in the midst of immense change, and we are striving mightily to discern what our own portion of that change might encompass, because it is going to take all of us. Part of what holds important clues for us now is our ability to see beyond the immediate concerns of putting bread on the table to what constitutes the largest possible picture meaning of what we as humans are up to at this important juncture in a radically transforming civilization. It’s a truly excellent time to journal, and to reflect on our transition, both personal and societal.

With this philosophical backdrop in mind we might begin to see where we fit in, and how the changes that we are going through personally contribute to the larger trends of either what we would appreciate or what we would like to eliminate as we look into our deeper motivations and the ultimate consequences of our actions.

# 2 – I love finding all-natural, inexpensive, simple-to-use health products, so I was really excited to read this very interesting article by Jane G. Goldberg, PhD, owner of La Casa Day Spa (www.lacasaspa.com), about the many benefits  of diatomaceous earth. Have heard of the substance before, but was unaware of what it might offer health-wise…


# 3 – Want a free e-course on Prosperity Secrets? Then this is your lucky day because that’s exactly what SubliminalMP3s is offering. :-)


#4And here’s a little inspiration to end on…a link to my own personal Mind Movie on spirituality, and some words of wisdom from Abraham…


“Every emotion, from despair all of the way up to ecstasy; from complete Connection to who-you-really-are, all the way to pinching yourself off pretty severely, all of those emotions are about your perception of freedom, or your perception of bondage—every one of them.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Free Living Matrix DVD, Cosmic Comedy, radiation update, and a little Abraham. What a mix!


# 1 –Today is the last day that the people over at Yoga Body Naturals are giving away a free copy of The Living Matrix DVD. There are a limited quantity of the freebies available, so act quickly if you want to take advantage of the giveaway.

# 2 –Here’s something else to do today….sign up for An Hour of Cosmic Comedy and Healing Laughter (something we could all use right now!), featuring author and humorist Steve Bhaerman ( aka Swami Beyondananda). It’s happening at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT tonight. If you miss the live presentation, you’ll be able to download and listen at a later time.

# 3 – Here’s the latest update Natural News on the radiation situation in Japan and other parts of the world. If you’re looking for “good” news, don’t expect to find it here. But it is good for keeping us aware that all this is still going on, despite it dropping out of sight in the news lately. And if you’re looking for sources of iodine, as suggested in the article, I recommend two companies I feature on my website www.allonetogether.com :  Herbpro.com , which has a number of natural iodine products and Emerald Express, which offers the top-notch product Emerald Sea, a superior blend of 7 whole-food sea vegetables, contains organic iodine, and is sustainably harvested by hand.


# 4 – And to help off-set any fear brought up if you read the radiation update, here’s a video clip by Janet Smith Warfield and a little Abraham to end on….


“Resistance is about believing that you are vulnerable or susceptible to
something not wanted and holding a stance of protection — which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-being that would be there otherwise. There is nothing big enough to protect you from unwanted things, and there are no unwanted things big enough to get into your experience.”—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Love or Above replay and Rudy Hunter’s free healing calls


I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that a lot of people have been searching for the recent Love or Above presentation and were brought to my blog because I featured a post quite some time ago about a Love or Above event back them. Well, if you are one of those people who have been searching for the event that took place over the last couple of day and still haven’t had the opportunity to catch the replay, this is your lucky day. I just got an e-mail that they are re-posting the replay, and here’s what the message said (BTW, you may want to get on their mailing list so you won’t have to worry about accessing future presentations)…

“Okay so we weren’t planning to do this, but because our inbox has been

FLOODED with requests…
We’ve recorded and uploaded up the entire Love or Above online event
on this page:
You can now listen to the whole session at any time you like :-)
But honestly, we suggest listening to it as soon as possible.
Because this content is powerful stuff. We’ve received hundreds of thankful
emails from people claiming it changed their lives.
Which is why we can so confidently say, learning about your vibrations may
be the most important thing thing you ever do for your personal growth.
So don’t put it off. In fact listen tonight if you can, and give yourself an
awesome start to the coming week :-)
The Love or Above Team
P.S. Another reason to be quick: during the event Christie announced a very
generous time-sensitive gift for all participants.
You can still get in on it if you’re quick.”


I recently became aware of a great little site that offers free
monthly healing calls, plus lots of other resources. It’s www.rudyhunter.com
and has the catchy subtitle “Free healing for people and dogs. No
strings–no kidding.” If you get on the mailing list you will be notified
of when the healing calls take place, as well as receive healing tips and
techniques you can use yourself.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a phone session with Rudy last
week and found him to be delightful…..very warm, compassionate,
down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and with a real sense of mission and purpose
for assisting others. AND he was “spot on” from the get-go with his
intuitive hits about the issue I wanted to focus on. The session provided me
with much stimulation and a number of useful insights about what was at the
core of things, so if you are looking for assistance with some thing(s) in your
life, you may want to see about setting up a private session yourself.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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More on the Aquarius full moon and great interview replays


# 1 – Here’s Astrograph’s take on the significance of the current full moon period we are in…

This Full Moon comes along at a volatile time in the midst of an extremely volatile month. The lunations were strong that preceded this cosmic balance point, posed by the Sun and Moon in opposition to each other, and now Neptune is activated and Mars is opposed to Pluto as well. Since Mars is also square Uranus, this brings once more to a head the revolutionary force of the UranusPluto square – as the recent powerful July 1st eclipse did also – making for a strong end of summer time period. We are being urged to look deeply into our motivation now regarding anything that comes up for us, and to stay as free as possible from reactivity, instead taking the largest possible viewpoint into account; one that includes a better understanding of where we are actually at in terms of our own personal evolution.

It helps that the Moon in Aquarius brings Neptune into the picture, also being aspected for the next 30 days by joyful and energizing Jupiter, serving to soften the reactivity and foster a more spiritual perspective. This can also continue to be an extremely confusing time, with Mercury still in retrograde and opposing Neptune. We benefit from watching and waiting, bearing silent witness to our actions and the actions of others, preferring contemplation to jumping ahead too quickly.

The next few days beyond this interesting weekend are also quite intense. The Sun connects with Venus and retrograde Mercury on Tuesday the 16th as the Moon enters Aries, while the next day Mars conjuncts the July 1st  degree, forming a Grand Cross with Pluto, Uranus and Saturn. We could find that issues in our lives from that early summer time frame are reemerging now, creating an opportunity for thoughtfulness and greater clarification. This is an excellent time to journal concerning where we might be heading in our lives both in general and over this powerful summer time frame in particular.

The world is changing around you – as you are inevitably changing as well – so that it is important to remain as conscious as possible regarding your own arc of development in the midst of massive societal transformation.

# 2 – And here’s a great article by Julia Bondi of MoonCircles.com providing even more insight about this important astrological event…

Intuitive Message for the Aquarius Full Moon: Governance
by Julia Bondi

Politics, Presidents, Politicians and rebellions throughout the land… is
the landscape of this full moon. Aquarian rebelliousness abounds across the
world as fires burn in London, protestors’ brave tanks and bullets in Syria and
recalls dominate the news in Wisconsin. The list of protests, demonstrations,
strife, rebellions, and attempts to reform governments grows ever longer. We are
seeing the threads of the Aquarian Age woven into the fabric of our time.
Leo’s province of government dominates the news, the economy and the
issues of our time as Leonine greatness seems painfully absent in the vision,
actions and decisions of our leaders worldwide.

The Aquarian people are demanding reform, progress, a remaking of societies
to serve the needs of those they purport to govern. The famous hope and
idealism of America’s 2008 presidential race feels as remote as the downfall of
Kaddafi in Libya or the dreams of the revolution in Cairo. Can societies change
and serve their people we ask? Can politics be reasonable legislating viable
solutions? These are the questions plaguing our world because they are some of
the fundamental issues of the Leo/Aquarius archetypes coming into sharper focus
in the 21st century. Can we be governed? Can we govern ourselves? Can we create
governments that represent the people they are elected to govern? Leo
government versus Aquarian society, the state versus freedom, managing versus reforming – these are the appropriate concerns of our moment.

Vision informed by spiritual ideals guiding politics and politicians who
creatively govern from a heart centered concern for the people they serve is the
integration of Leo/Aquarius. Politics, politicians, government and great
officials are the province of Leo which slips into serving greed and power
unless it is enlightened by Aquarian principles of cooperation, betterment of
society for the people and a visionary ideal of a future of progress. These
archetypes are not Republican or Democratic, right or left, red or blue; they
are qualities we develop, integrate, apply and seek to serve.

How to serve an archetype when passions are inflamed and we across the
world are sure our Leo ego’s have the right answer or prescription for society’s
ills; even believing that we have the only true access to the right ideals and
reforms? Though Aquarius spiritually informs Leo, Leo’s human understanding of
greatness must be integrated with the development of an expanded heart capable
of caring for self and others as the foundation supporting the power of those
who govern. While the majority of us will never hold a political position of
governance, we are all governing ourselves well or poorly each day. Each
of us can seek to know our own capacity for greatness, developing and sharing
our gifts with the world as we are rewarded and recognized for our creativity,
effort and offering and opening our hearts to loving ourselves, those we love
and all who are humans with the same needs, cares and foibles. Then we become
capable of honest and humble listening to the Aquarian vision to better our lives and the lives of others.

© 2011 Julia Bondi All rights reserved

# 3 – You can now listen to The Aware Show Community site and listen to recordings of live radio shows of host Lisa Garr interviewing incredible visionaries in the new thought movement such as Gregg Braden, Jean Houston, Bo Rinaldi and many more amazing speakers.

KPFK Interviews

# 4 – If you missed Dr. Sue Morter’s presentation on Linda Joy’s Inspired Living Secrets you can still catch the replay if you act quickly…


# 5– And the Nadine Artemis presentation Tooth Truth and Self-Dentistry  on W.I.S.H. Women’s International Summit for Health is available for replay for a limited time…

Here’s the link to access the call: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=21713484

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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