New moon in Leo, The Bond & Fairness Campaign replays, free Spirituality & Business teleclass, and Deva Premal

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Here’s an insightful take on the current Leo new moon cycle and other astrological happenings… Leo New Moon: Chasing the Daimon by Simone Butler In a fascinating talk on creativity, author Elizabeth Gilbert relates a story about American poet Ruth Stone. Working in the fields near her home, Stone would…Read more »

The Bond & The Fairness Campaign, The Passion Test, “blueberries” for relationship health, Abraham & hydrosytyrosol (huh!?)

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – There’s a 21-day special series on creating a better country, a better world, hosted by Lynn McTaggert, author of the new best-seller The Bond. It will start with Lynn’s program “The Bond Teleclass,” then move into “The Fairness Campaign” with 11 high profile speakers providing their personal perspectives on…Read more »

Capricorn full moon, 2012 Activation, Agents of Conscious Evolution training, amazing “cricket choir” video

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Here’s more on the Capricorn full moon from… July 14th FullMoon The Capricorn Full Moon at the 23rd degree of that sign takes place late Thursday evening, early Friday morning, July 14th and 15th, at nearly midnight on the West Coast. It serves as culmination to the powerful…Read more »

Full moon update, free QiGong healing session, Nadine Artemis, Money Magnet call & Jo Dunning’s Pulse Technique

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – QiGong master Michael Mohoric is doing another free distant energy healing for everyone who wants to join and all their friends, families, and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session is Sunday July 17, 2011 from 7-8pm Pacific Daylight Time or same as Los Angeles, (8-9pm MDT), (9-10…Read more »

Keys to Feminine Power, astrological update, Agents of Conscious Evolution…and a little Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – There is a free global teleconference and gathering for Awakening Women titled The Keys to Feminine Power: Awakening the Three Power Bases of the New Co-creative Feminine with Katherine Woodwood Thomas and Claire Zammit on Thursday, July 14th at 5:30pm PDT. Your can register for the class here and also…Read more »