More on CFLs, radiation monitoring, Jo Dunning, Gemini New Moon, Be Good to Our Earth and more

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – For some stimulating information about the US radiation monitoring system, read this eye-opening, mouthing opening article featured in the Natural News newsletter… EPA RadNet radiationmonitoring system exposed as poorly-maintained, improperly-calibrated failure #2 –  I highlighted the hazards of CFL bulbs in a previous post. Here are two excerpts from…Read more »

Awakened Man Summit, Love Your Life, astrology update and Abraham

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – The Awakened Man Summit free series started on 5/24, but runs through 6/30, so there’s still plenty to catch and past interviews can still be accessed for replay. There’s also over $200 in resources/bonuses, including The Power of Gratitude and Busting Loose From the Money Game. Women are welcome…Read more »

Boost your brain power, radiation update, new form of energy, astrological updates & transfiguration, CFL hazards, and Abraham. Whew!

TIPS FOR TODAY: Lots to pass along today, so here we go… # 1 – There’s a free presentation being offered on May 24th by Jim Kwik about “discovering the secrets to a more youthful, agile, focused powerful healthy mind and better memory.” Replay will be available if you can’t make the call and you…Read more »

Evolutionize Your Life, Conscious Partnering, Discover Your Divine Worth and the honey bee/cell phone connection

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Evolving Wisdom is presenting Evolutionize Your Life with Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow.  The FREE event will focus on the science of how to decode human behavior, eliminate self-judgment, and create a big-hearted life of purpose and joyful integrity. Supposedly you’ll discover the one breakthrough in our understanding of…Read more »

Scorpio full moon, a little Abraham, Dr. Caldicott on radiation and free QiGong healing session

TIPS FOR TODAY: This must be the time of meltdowns, literally and figuratively. More than several of the people I know have actually described what is happening with them and their life as a meltdown. And today’s blog features several mentions of meltdown, as well…. # 1 – Here’s an article about the current Scorpio full…Read more »

Women In Business Tele-summit, Jo Dunning Pulse Technique, and something good to eat!

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 – Robert Vitelli is hosting the Ultimate Woman in Business Tele-seminar: More Pleasure & Profits While Making a Difference series (that’s certainly a mouthful).  The first call in the series is coming up on May 16th and is titled “3 Massive Mistakes Women Make That Keep Them Stressed-Out, Broke & Running On Empty!”…Read more »

Mark Romero, You Wealth Revolution, Guy Finley and Abraham. Wowie!

TIPS FOR TODAY: # 1 –  There’s another free tele-seminar series that sounds very timely; it’s called You Wealth Revolution, and will focus on preparing people for all the shifts during the next couple of years. The series will feature  27 of the world’s greatest minds in wealth, vitality and life purpose, who will be sharing their breakthrough methods for…Read more »