Free transforming fear and other booklets, a natural source of iodine protection, uplifting video and more!

PICKS FOR TODAY: #1- This morning I had someone request the free booklet 22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear that I offer on my website. That prompted me to re-read the booklet myself, and in doing so it occurred to me that the information could be of great value to people right now.  So if anyone…Read more »

World prayer for “healing” water of Japan & Mary Morrissey on Living and Building Your Dreams

PICKS FOR TODAY:   #1- Here’s a great idea from Masuru Emoto and a perfect way to help the people and water of Japan (and the rest of the world, since we are all One). The only thing I would recommend is that we do the process/prayer as often as we can remember to, and not just…Read more »

Jupiter opposite Saturn, Guy Finley, and presentations by Jo Dunning

TIPS FOR TODAY: #1- Tonight Jo Dunning is offering her monthly free presentation and energy transmission– a great opportunity to experience this wonderful being’s healing, uplifting and inspiring presence. Tuesday at 5:15pm Pacific (8:15pm Eastern) The workshop will last approximately one hour.     Click Here to find what time the teleconference will take place in…Read more »

Barbara Marx Hubbard Birth2012 replay, free QiGong healing, astrological update and LOTS more!

TIPS FOR TODAY: #1 – If you missed Stephen Dinan and The Shift Network’s recent presentation Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift, with respected leader Barbara Marx Hubbard, it is now available here. In it Hubbard shares the vision for Dec. 22nd, 2012 as a planetary Birth Day.  It will lead into the Agent of Conscious…Read more »

Mind Movies, Wellness Revolution, Quantum Healing, making sprouts and Abraham. Wow!

PICK OF THE DAY: Several years ago I purchased the old version of the Mind Movies technology and made 4 “movies”—one that focused on health and well-being, one on career, success and abundance, one on spirituality, and another that was a mix of everything else. Using the technology was a great way to gain clarity…Read more »

Prayer circle for Japan & inspiring letter, Caroline Myss replay, full moon update, Dyer/Lipton video, and meditation to ease fear

PICKS FOR TODAY:  I am editing today’s post and adding this article and news of a prayer circle via Adoley Odunton at Healthier Living and placing it before the rest of today’s picks because I think it’s the most important part of the post. Please read this inspiring and enlightening article from a member of…Read more »

Dealing with fear & radiation, source for potassium iodide, help for Japan, astrological update and more

Hello Everyone, I feel that this may be my most important post to date. With everything happening in the world right now it’s obvious that the evolutionary process has been cranked up to what would seem to be an overwhelming level. The way the media focuses on and presents current events and images serves to…Read more »