Tons of replays available–Jo Dunning, Mary A. Hall, Michael Beckwith, and more!


Many teleseminar hosts are making the replays available again (so I guess these would actually be re-replays :-)) of some of their most popular guests, so here’s your chance to catch some you might have missed previously…

#1 – Adoley Odunton at the Wellness Revolution  is making Jo Dunning’s interview, as well as some others, available again for a limited time. Here’s what she had to say in recapping Jo’s presentation on how to stop worry (great!)…

How do you stop worrying when you have cancer or some other health
challenge or when your life is falling apart?

Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Jo Dunning as usual was exceptional in
helping us to deal with the worry that plagues so many of our lives.
She gave us practical tools to stop worry:

1. Stay present in the moment

2.  Do a single task, not multi-task and stay focused on it

3.  Trust that everything is working out and you are moving

4. Practice Gratitude

5. Action – stay alert to insights that guide us into next step and take action

Jo invited us to practice three things as we witnessed negative events in
the world.  Love Compassion and Hold the Vision.  This is an invitation for us to evolve our consciousness.  Instead of judging, we have compassion for the situation or individuals concerned.  We can also apply the same process towards ourselves as we deal with challenges in our own lives.

As always Jo did energy work that was available throughout the call and
it is available as you are listen to the recording.  Take the opportunity to
listen to it several times.

# 2 –  Darius Barazandeh at the You Wealth Revolution is also making his most popular guests’ presentations available. Check out Ann Taylor, Brent Phillips, Larry Crane, Carol Look and more…

# 3 – Jennifer McLean over at Healing With the Masters is “re-sharing” and offering “re-replays,” as well. Check out Jacqueline Joy, Jo Dunning, Michael Beckwith, Mary A. Hall, Neale Donald Walsch, Chunyi Lin and Sonia Choquette (wow! what a line-up)…
Enjoy and happy listening!
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