Uranus direct, new moon & upcoming full moon, plus a little Abraham


Here’s an article from Tarot.com about Uranus turning direct, the December 21st full moon and more…



The warm feelings of the holiday season are often countered by the stresses of travel, party planning and family reunions. This year is no exception and could, in fact, be even more intense than usual. On December 21, the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, there is a Full Moon that is also a Lunar Eclipse. This occurs in the last degree of Gemini, which is likely to reveal situations where we’ve spread ourselves too thin and need to eliminate activities, attitudes and people that have grown unproductive. If we’re unwilling to make these changes, they may happen without our consent.

Revolutionary Uranus’ challenging 90-degree square to the Full Moon provokes sudden and unexpected changes that can rock the world. Plans can shift without warning, arousing a sense of uncertainty that can undermine the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays. However, those willing to leap instead of waiting to be pushed can free themselves from situations that take more than they give.

The Sun’s union with transformational Pluto on December 26 is another destabilizing force. Power struggles may ensue with resentment undermining trust. If bitterness threatens the harmony of the holidays, the best option is to focus on a single issue and address it with as much reason as possible. Although resistance to change can be expected with this hard-nosed alignment, an honest, heartfelt connection could allow even the most stubborn individual to recognize the need to alter old patterns.

Controlling the pace of change could be the key to making successful adjustments. Uranus, the planet of freedom, turns direct on December 5. This forward shift indicates a more overt expression of its qualities. Independence, originality and impulsiveness are Uranus’ chief characteristics that make compromise more difficult. Still, the trick is to recognize where radical moves are desirable and then to manage the transition to these newfound experiences in a responsible manner. In fact, the more dramatic the change is the more important it becomes to handle it with planning and patience.

This note of caution is also useful because Mercury turns retrograde on December 10. The backward cycle of the communication planet lasts until December 29 and marks a period during which the flow of information becomes more complex. Misunderstandings, overlooked details and technology tangles are frequent during Mercury retrograde. On December 18, Mercury backs into outspoken Sagittarius, which increases the likelihood of careless speech and sloppy handling of complex matters. Slow down, double check data, and review ideas before sharing them can reduce errors and embarrassing comments.

And here’s information on today’s new moon from noted astrologer Jan Spiller’s site…

NEW MOON REMINDER… Sunday, December 5, 12:37pm EST

NEW MOON REMINDER… Sunday, December 5, 12:37 pm EST, is the New Moon Power Day in December!   Don’t miss this opportunity to make wishes for goals you’d like to reach and experiences you’d like to have. 

Because this New Moon is in the sign of SAGITTARIUS, it’s a powerful time for new beginnings in activating your love of travel and adventure!

Things you may have wanted to happen in your life for a long time can begin easily manifesting through using the boost of this optimistic and freedom-loving New Moon!

For success, your wishes must be handwritten on paper and ten wishes maximum are allowed on each power day.  The most potent time is the first 8 hours AFTER the exact time of the New Moon; within the first 48 hours will still work.  The potency continues to exist for another twelve hours, but is weaker.  For clear success, it’s best to avoid wishing during those hours when the Moon is Void of Course.

Therefore in DECEMBER 2010, your most potent times for wishing are:  Sunday, December 5:  12:37 pm – midnight, Monday, December 6:  12:00 am – 4:45 pm & 6:16 pm – 12 midnight, and Tuesday, December 7:  all day and night.

These times are in Eastern Standard Time and need to be converted to your local time zone.  The Moon Box on the Homepage of this site will tell you how many hours difference your location is from the Eastern Time Zone in the US.

Among other things, SAGITTARIUS rules the trust in life itself that gives us the confidence to actually participate in the adventures we have longed to experience.

Because the New Moon of December is in the sign of SAGITTARIUS it is the most potent New Moon of the year for wishing to travel to a foreign country you have always wanted to visit – to attain peace of mind – or to have a more positive and optimistic attitude.

For more New Moon tips forDECEMBER, and suggested wording for wishes when the New Moon is in SAGITTARIUS, members can select the New Moon Power Days icon on the Member Homepage. FULL MOON tips for each month are also available in the member section.

And finally, here’s the daily quote I received from Abraham (visit the Abraham-Hicks site if you would like to receive daily quotes yourself)

“You do not have to have money to attract money, but you cannot feel poor and attract money. The key is, you have to find ways of improving the way you feel from right where you stand before things can begin to change: By softening your attention to the things that are going wrong, and by beginning to tell stories that lean more in the direction of what you want instead of in the direction of what you have got, your vibration will shift; your point of attraction will shift—and you will get different results.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

p.s. Don’t forget tonight’s the free QiGong distance session w/ Micahel Mohoric. See previous posts for more information.

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