Pisces full moon & Abraham on trusting the process of life


Here’s shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk’s weekly update, including info about the Pisces full moon… 

Week of August 22 to 31

Pisces Full Moon: Entering Oneness

Tuesday we experience the Pisces Full Moon, with the Pisces Moon opposing the Virgo Sun. Both Virgo and Pisces are “service” signs, and they are both considered feminine-meaning that their function is to bring spirit into matter–there is an impulse toward bringing greater sacredness and spiritual aliveness into the earth plane. Virgo, an earth sign, is the sign most closely associated with Gaia–the sacred, alive earth. Pisces is a “celestial” sign, concerned with the highest expression of empathic, transpersonal love on the Earth plane; the felt experience of profound Oneness.

August completes an extremely intense 3-month period where the T-Square has been continually activated by both the inner and outer planets. This Full Moon invites us to get still, and connect deeply with spirit, tuning into the pulse of harmony and integration within the Earth body, and our own bodies and spirits in alignment with Earth processes. This is a powerful time to send out prayers for healing of our Earth and our own lives, as well as for guidance from our guides and the Divine.

We can take this time to rest and gently release the burdens that we have accumulated over the past months, so as to make space for spirit, and grace in our lives.

Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius Near Conjunction: Embracing Wholeness

Through to the end of the month, Neptune and Chiron, both in the sign of Aquarius, are the closest they have been since their last conjunction in February. The Sun opposed them last weekend, (Friday and Saturday, August 20 and 21), illuminating their resonating dynamic. With Neptune involved, we are invited to continue the Pisces Full Moon practice of prayer, meditation, and connection to All That Is, through the end of the month.

With Chiron activated, we may become aware of old wounding that wants to be witnessed (Aquarius) and integrated as healing medicine into our lives. If we ourselves or our loved ones are sensitive and easily hurt, it is good to practice kindness and patience, as this is truly an opportunity to embrace wholeness, self love, and ultimately our greatest potential as healers of ourselves and others.


Here’s an audio clip from Abraham-Hicks on Trusting the Process of Life I found very insightful and helpful…


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