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TIP OF THE DAY: Here’s an insightful update for August on the latest astrological configurations, courtesy of Tarot.com…


Phase one of the great planetary transformation that started in the fall of 2008 is over, and now we’re off on phase two. The onset of radical Uranus’ opposition to strict Saturn came with the collapse of financial institutions that still has us reeling, as this aspect just ended last month. But now Jupiter and Pluto join the party to heat up rhetoric, cast thick fingers of blame or, hopefully, lead to real reform for individuals and organizations. On August 3, inflationary Jupiter’s tense square to potent Pluto opens eyes wide to abuses and corruption. Yet, the individual work we face is to question our beliefs while recognizing that accommodating other points of view, even ones we hate, is a key to human survival.

Aggressive Mars joins with Jupiter and Pluto on August 4 to intensify emotions with feelings of urgency and an inclination to fight. But, as usual, the enemy is us; our fears and prejudices, anger and frustration are not meant to fuel fights against others, but to motivate individuals to clean up their own lives. If you’re willing to make major changes in behavior, this is a great time to do it.

Courage and creativity are keys to pulling us out of the shadows, shining new lights of potential on our lives. The New Moon in expressive Leo on August 9 plants seeds of leadership in everyone. It is time to be heroic by acting with love and generosity when time, money or energy are in short supply. Tapping into the nobility in our hearts brings out the confident side of ourselves and increases our capacity to solve problems.

August 16 brings a reality check as pragmatic Saturn opposes hopeful Jupiter. It’s time to take a good hard look at goals to see if they’re off track or impossible to reach. Making adjustments to overcome short-term problems is worth the effort, so patience is recommended.

Mental Mercury turns retrograde on August 20, beginning its three-week backwards period when extra attention to details and communication is vital. Mix-ups with messages and difficulties with equipment and travel can be avoided by double checking details and tying up loose ends.

Sober Saturn’s stressful 90-degree square to Pluto on August 21 reinforces the seriousness of these times and the necessity to recognize where holding on to a person, practice, job or attitude costs more than it’s worth. Learning to grow by letting go isn’t an easy lesson, but can be a very rewarding one.

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And here are two more astrological updates; both came from a newsletter I received from ContactTalkRadio.com (it had lots of interesting articles about a variety of subjects and other free stuff, so you may want to get on their mailing list)…

Astrology for the First
Week of August 2010


This is the week that every astrologer has been talking about for years.  It is the final culmination of the Grand Cardinal Cross.  There is no reason to run for the hills because most of the groundwork has already occurred.  In astrology it is the applying (leading up to) pressure where most of the activity happens.  The radical shift in public security is at play, the revelations of the deceitful have come to light, and the foundations have been put in place for the shift to begin.  Uranus and Jupiter sit at the early degrees of Aries (Cardinal Fire), opposing Saturn, Mars and Venus in Libra (Cardinal Air) while the Moon in Cancer (Cardinal Water) will transit to oppose Pluto in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth).  All of these planets will be at the early degrees of each of these major angles which indicate a radical new beginning. The pendulum will now start to return.  This is a time when oneness begins to be the norm.

“Mars Enters Libra And He’s Ready to RUMBLE”
by Debra Clement of Anchored in Astrology

 Mars is in Libra from July 29 – September 14

Like Grant took Richmond, Mars stormed into Libra and immediately a position in the planetary minefield known as the transiting Cardinal T-Square. Teaming up with Saturn in a conjunction, Mars added his potent energy to the already powerful Cardinal T-Square involving Saturn (Libra), Jupiter and Uranus(Aries) Aries and Pluto (Capricorn).

During the course of the next week or so, Mars will create friction within this already combustible configuration, and as he continues to mix it up, it will become even more volatile.

In addition to creating significant tension within this planetary chain gang, Mars will trigger the powerful July 26 lunar eclipse point (4 Capricorn 46 and conjunct Pluto), and before it takes leave of Libra, it will trigger the July 19 solar eclipse point (19 Cancer 24) as well.

In predictive astrology, Mars is well known for “pulling the trigger” on major transits and is frequently active during life-defining moments. Although we will not recognize the full impact of this historical transit for months or years to come, you can rest assured that in 20/20 hindsight, the Martian influence will be quite apparent.

Collectively, many of us will experience this stressful planetary activity on an
energetic, physical and/or emotional level as the immense tension generated by
this planetary activity gives rise to overwrought nerves, unexplained anxieties and restless slumber.

On a personal level, those individuals with natal planets in the first 5 degrees of cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) signs will likely experience this Mars-infused T-Square more intensely.

With that said, for those of you who feel as though the universe is wearing cleats as it tap dances on your last nerve, take heart. Sooner or later, all planetary transits come to end, and as the summer fades, so will Mars.

You can tune in to Debra’s radio show or listen to her archives and learn more about being Anchored in Astrology.

 Enjoy, “Zippy”

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