Misa Hopkins on self-healing, Jo Dunning video, Caroline Myss replay, Jordan Rubin interview, and Abraham on finances


#1 – Here’s an isightful article that was featured at evolutionezine.com about self-healing by Misa Hopkins, author of  The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything.

Please Just Fix Me – by Misa Hopkins

When I was very ill, years ago, I called my elder and teacher. What she told me surprised me. I thought she would tell me to come over to her house for healing. Instead, she told me to get out my crystals, sit down and heal myself. 

What I wanted is what most of us want when we are really feeling bad. I wanted someone to fix me. I was sick and I wanted to be pampered and attended to by someone else. It didn’t occur to me that for anyone to be able to help, the true healing needed to begin with me. 

Even though I didn’t particularly “want” to do healing work on myself, I followed her instructions and in the process discovered a power within myself I had not yet tapped into. 

Because of my teacher’s wise instruction I have since learned that when I need to heal, I begin doing the work first and if I still need support, I open to Divine guidance in locating the right and best healer to help me. Doing my work first has given me some significant results: 

1) I often discover I can heal entirely with my own energetic healing gifts and/or healing knowledge I have already acquired. 

2) I access new levels of spiritual awareness and healing ability I might not have otherwise reached 

3) If I do need assistance, I have already established an inner field of commitment and dedication to my healing that attracts the right healer or doctor to assist me 

4) If needed, the right person to provide me with help frequently enters my physical space before I ever even need to ask for help 

5) Or, within one or two phone calls, I am with the perfect person to assist me. 

I don’t shop around anymore for the right diagnosis, doctor, healer, technique or treatment. Why not? Because my own energetic field is charged and committed enough to easily draw in the right insight, person, or treatment. 

I have gotten quite used to this way of approaching healing—that’s the way my colleagues and students approach healing too, but a few weeks ago I was reminded that some of us don’t know there is a more effective way, and we are still shopping. 

I was at a party recently where I was talking to a woman about the people I have met who have dramatic stories of self-healing that occurred when they applied themselves fully in understanding their conditions and responding to their intuitive guidance. Her response reminded me that not everyone is enamored with taking full responsibility for their healing journey. 

In this case, the woman I was speaking with said out loud what I believe a lot of us really want but don’t admit. She candidly said, “I don’t really want to figure it for myself. I want someone to tell me what is wrong and how to fix it.” She is still looking for someone to make the diagnosis and prescription without her active involvement.

Now, sometimes you are fortunate enough to find a doctor or healer that really is able to nail it the first time. They know exactly what is wrong and exactly what treatment solves the problem. You do what they say and you heal. This can happen often enough, that you could easily believe this is the best way to approach healing all of the time.

However sometimes, as many of us know who have experienced chronic illnesses, diagnosis is more challenging than it might appear, and you end up going to one doctor after another and one healer after another, perhaps getting some relief, but never quite getting complete healing.

Finally, when we are about to give up, in a moment of awakening we realize we had better get a little more personally involved. And just maybe we need to get some insights from a higher dimension. That’s when we finally surrender the search for someone to diagnose and fix us. When we stop shopping and get involved, the healing journey actually begins.

Who wants to heal themselves, especially when you are feeling really bad? Quite possibly, no one. Who wants to get still and listen for intuitive guidance about what is happening and what you need to do? Possibly, not many of us. But I suspect my teacher’s wisdom applies for many of us.

If we truly want to heal, we are the first ones that need to be committed, open to our guidance and become actively involved. Then, if we still need help, we have primed the pump for the right help to be drawn to us.

(**If you enjoy Misa’s perspective you may want to check out the free webinar she’s offering on 7/20 at 2pm EDT at  http://attendthisevent.com/?eventid=13957239**)

#2 – The featured guest today on “Secrets of Dynamic Living” is Jordan Rubin, author of the New York Times bestselling book, “The Maker’s Diet”. Due to a scheduling conflict, Jordan requested to record his seminar in advance, so as a result, you can listen to it right now at this link: http://secretsofdynamicliving.com/jordanrubin.htm

The replay will be available until 10:00 pm Eastern time on Monday, July 19, 2010.

#3 – The Caroline Myss interview on The Wellness Revolution is now available for replay for a limited time. Host Adoley Odunton is also going to be re-posting the replays of 7 or 8 of the most popular interviews in the series, so sign up now to access all the great information.

The Wellness Revolution

#4 – And here’s the quote for the day that I got from Abraham-Hicks…

“Many people protest when we explain to them the power of telling the story of their finances as they want it to be rather than as it is, because they believe that they should be factual about what is happening. But if you continue to look at lackful what-is and speak of what-is, you will not find the improvement that you desire. If you want to effect substantial change in your life experience, you must think thoughts that feel different as you think them.”— Abraham

PICK OF THE DAY: For those Jo Dunning fans out there, and that includes me, here’s some good news I just got from Healing With the Masters host Jennifer McLean. Here’s what her message said…

I posted a special page for you to have a taste of Jo Dunning on video. This amazing preview gives you a 30 minute segment of her 90 minute talk, and a sampling of what you can expect from her for her Instant Access energy special (EXPIRING TODAY). Here is your link to that talk:
http:/ /www.mcleanmasterworks.com/jopreview.htm

Enjoy, ” Zippy”

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