Morgana Rae & Julie Ann Turner on Playing & Profiting at full power


FREE TELECALL —  Join Morgana Rae and Julie Ann Turner on Thurs., May 6th, 5 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. EDT for this FREE high-value, inspiration-and-information-filled webinar…

Host: Morgana Rae, Author, Speaker & Financial Alchemist

With Julie Ann Turner – Raise Your Game Expert & Passionate Guide to Your Greatness Founder/CEO,

Here’s Morgana’s intro to the event…

“Is it possible you are PLAYING SMALL …PLAYING SMALL can sneak up on us – and STEAL THE LIGHT and joy we’re here to shine. Here’s the truth: You can only PLAY BIG when you shift fully into your Singular GREATNESS at every level – and share YOUR singular constellation of strengths, talents, gifts and style.

It is your unique GREATNESS that SETS YOU APART …that differentiates you, your work, and your VALUE from ALL others.

*  Would you like for your clients to recognize the distinct value you offer immediately? …

*  Would you like to get paid at the level you’re truly worth …(Yes, even in challenging times)

*  Would you like to be in such demand that people are waiting in line
to access what only you can provide?

Now is the time to RAISE YOUR GAME.

Join me Thursday, May 6 – as I lead LIVE, ground-breaking, dynamic interview with Julie Ann Turner, Founder/CEO of, and powerful guide to leaders like YOU!

I can promise, this will be a can’t-miss opportunity – we will show you exactly how to PLAY BIG. Because, when you fully share YOUR Genius – your Singular GREATNESS – it will set you apart. The world will recognize it –  and REWARD it.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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