Simple Secrets for Creating Success AND Inner Peace, plus more!


On Monday, April 26th, at 8pm ET, Ram Giri Braun, a teacher of “skills for awakening,” will be interviewing Life Coach Mary Allen about…


You’re invited to this special call about “5 Simple Secrets For Creating and Sustaining
Success AND Inner Peace In Today’s Busy World.”  Some of the things they’ll be discussing include:   

– Why “spiritual awakening” is your single biggest asset to your success and inner peace.

– How you can enjoy the countless blessings of awakening without joining a Zen monastery, meditating 10 hours a day or renouncing all material goods.  
– What the most successful “conscious achievers” do to manifest their visions easily and effortlessly.

– The keys to creating sustainable inspiration so you stop procrastinating on your most important goals.
– The single BIGGEST distracting influence impeding success and inner peace (that most
  people are completely unaware of.)   
– How to integrate “Awakening” into everyday life WHILE you achieve success and your income soars.

To register for this 75 minute call, go to:

Also, The Aware Show, Living Energy Secrets, Healing With the Masters,  and In the Company of Consciousness series continue to have top rate guests, such as Wayne Dyer, Colin Tipping, and Carol Look. If you haven’t signed up for  AT LEAST one of these, you’re really missing out on the chance of a lifetime. Go to my “What’s New” page for all the details, plus even more FREE series available right now. And don’t forget the free Qi Gong distance healing this evening that was mentioned in a previous blog post.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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