An Earth Day special treat and more!

#1 – I just got this e-mail message from Integral Enlightenment about a special presentation by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Here’s part of what they had to say…
“On a day dedicated to the Earth, we wanted to let you know about about a special event tonight designed to put you into deep connection with your soul purpose and to empower you to give your full gifts in the service of planetary evolution:

The Sacred Core of Conscious Evolution: Connecting with Your Soul’s Destiny

It’s a free teleseminar with someone that we all truly love – Barbara Marx Hubbard. Not only is she a visionary pioneer of the path of conscious evolution, she’s also one of the most empowering, dynamic, and innovative teachers around. I am sure that you will leave her presence more hopeful about the future of humanity and more empowered in your capacity to be an agent of evolutionary change… 

During tonight’s free call (which is recorded if you need to miss it), Barbara will share some key insights that can enable you to connect to your soul’s destiny and to live a life of joyful co-creation. Takeaways include. . .

  •     How to awaken and strengthen your evolutionary core.
  •     A powerful practice for shifting your identity from ego to essence as part of birthing the new human.
  •     How to align your life with your evolutionary compass of joy.
  •     The most important sacred codes for connecting your soul’s destiny with the   emerging social order.
  •     How to expand your vision of the next stage of evolution.
And even if you can’t make it live, do register since you’ll get access to a free recording afterwards.”

#2 – If you’re an “enlightened entrepreneur” you’ll want to sign-up for EFT master Pamela Bruener’s upcoming free teleseminar. Here’s part of the message I got from this very talented and tuned-in lady about the teleclass…

F’ree EFT Teleclass:
The Three Critical Mistakes Most Conscious
Entrepreneurs Make (and how to avoid them!)

Are you feeling like you SHOULD have all the pieces for success, but you aren’t achieving at the level that you could?

You’re not sure just what’s missing, because you’ve already done so much to succeed?
Frustrated that others seem to be doing it, and wondering if you’re just one class away from all the money you want (but you don’t know which class that is?)

This is the class that FINALLY puts all the puzzle pieces together for you – you MUST hear this!

You’ll learn:

  • Why so many good products and services that you’ve already bought aren’t bringing you the results that you want.
  • How both the ‘abundance gurus’ and the ‘marketing geniuses’ are missing essential parts of the puzzle – and it’s hurting you!
  • Three marketing mistakes almost ALL conscious entrepreneurs make!
  • How to cut through the overwhelm and take POWERFUL action.

To register for this teleclass, and for more information, visit:

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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