Caroline Myss, Brent Phillips, Norm Shealy, and Les Brown–what an Easter basket!

Tip of the Day:

As a special Easter gift to everyone, host Lisa Garr of The Aware Show is  making the season’s top 4 interviews available again for a limited time. I’ve listened to the first two before and really enjoyed them, so I’m sure the other two are equally informative and transformative. To listen now, click on any of these links:

   Brent Phillips’ Transform Your Life

   Caroline Myss’ Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason

   Norm Shealy’s Power Tools

   Les Brown’s Choosing Your Future

And I am in the process of updating the “What’s New” page for April, so be sure to check that for even more great stuff.

Enjoy!  And here’s wishing you an awe inspiring Easter and plenty of chocolate bunnies to keep you company, “Zippy”

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