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Marianne Williamson & the Inspiring Women Summit


Here’s a message I just got from Stephen Dinan at The Shift Network that I thought you might be interested in…

“The way I see it, the larger Shift we’re all collaborating on includes giving feminine values and qualities their rightful, equal place in our culture.  Which means we need a LOT of inspired, empowered, dynamic, radiant, full-on women to help shift every aspect of our society as well as men who are comfortable empowering the feminine in our world.

That’s why I felt it was so important to offer an Inspiring Women Summit as our second major event, which my wife Devaa is hosting along with 55 truly amazing women leaders.  It begins on Saturday and already has 17,600 registrants from 106 countries.   You are warmly invited to both attend and invite others.

Here’s what makes this event like no other:

  • The leadership roster – This is the largest virtual women’ summit that’s ever been done, making it the easiest way to hear the most important insights of 55 truly amazing women.  Without travel.  And without cost.
  • The entire event is built around dialogues – each session begins with 3 or 4 women leaders who have led remarkable lives and then leads to dialogues between you and the other amazing participants.  Each day there are two featured dialogues that focus on questions of deep importance.  So it’s not a passive event but includes your active participation.
  • Recordings – Unlike 90% of teleseries, we’re not selling you the recordings.  They are free for you to download and listen later, in your car, or even at the gym.  It will be a library of insight and inspiration for years to come.
  • The networking –  When people sign up, we’re logging where they came from and we’ll have opportunities for you to network with others from your same region.  This, to my knowledge, has never been done as well.

It’s a totally free global gathering of some of the most remarkable women on the planet to help empower you in giving your greatest gifts.

So join us! And that includes men who are deeply honoring of women. Also feel free to send this invitation along to your friends.

The Summit will open on Saturday at 10 am with Marianne Williamson and Riane Eisler, two remarkable pioneers you won’t want to miss.”

Go to http://inspiringwomensummit.com/ to register

Enjoy, “Zippy”


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Free presentations on Quantum Jumping and other transformative processes!

On April 29th there will be a free presentation on Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping technology. The last time Burt hosted a webinar, his server got SO overcrowded with signups that he had to turn some people away. So  make sure you get your spot by signing up now because  Burt reveals a technique he’s been using for over 3 decades that he claims will help you:
*Learn new skills almost instantly
*Attract wealth and career success
*Improve your health & fitness
*Enhance the quality of your relationships
*Gain a profound understanding of your true self

 The webinar airs on Thursday, April 29th at 6pm PST.  Burt has already shared this technique with over 12,000 people across the world. Here’s what one of them has to say:
“Quantum Jumping has provided me the vehicle to really know that life is
 right at my fingertips. I see and feel the progress and improvements in programming my mind to control and direct my thoughts to whatever ends I desire. Would I tell my friends about Quantum Jumping? ABSOLUTELY! As I told a dear from of mine the other day, make this the highest priority of your day.”
– Dee E Hoffman from Lake Conroe, Texas

Other exciting and transformative events to check out are the Entrepreneurial Goddess Telesummit and the World Hypnosis Summit, both starting in May, and Healing With the Masters (next up is Guy Finley–one of my faves!), In the Company of Consciousness, Living Energy Secrets, and The Aware Show, which are already underway and continue to offer great guest presenters. Go to my “What’s New” page at All One Together to register for these series and many other great free events and products.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Simple Secrets for Creating Success AND Inner Peace, plus more!


On Monday, April 26th, at 8pm ET, Ram Giri Braun, a teacher of “skills for awakening,” will be interviewing Life Coach Mary Allen about…


You’re invited to this special call about “5 Simple Secrets For Creating and Sustaining
Success AND Inner Peace In Today’s Busy World.”  Some of the things they’ll be discussing include:   

– Why “spiritual awakening” is your single biggest asset to your success and inner peace.

– How you can enjoy the countless blessings of awakening without joining a Zen monastery, meditating 10 hours a day or renouncing all material goods.  
– What the most successful “conscious achievers” do to manifest their visions easily and effortlessly.

– The keys to creating sustainable inspiration so you stop procrastinating on your most important goals.
– The single BIGGEST distracting influence impeding success and inner peace (that most
  people are completely unaware of.)   
– How to integrate “Awakening” into everyday life WHILE you achieve success and your income soars.

To register for this 75 minute call, go to:


Also, The Aware Show, Living Energy Secrets, Healing With the Masters,  and In the Company of Consciousness series continue to have top rate guests, such as Wayne Dyer, Colin Tipping, and Carol Look. If you haven’t signed up for  AT LEAST one of these, you’re really missing out on the chance of a lifetime. Go to my “What’s New” page for all the details, plus even more FREE series available right now. And don’t forget the free Qi Gong distance healing this evening that was mentioned in a previous blog post.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Eckart Tolle video and free Mega Manifestation series


Thanks to David Childerley for highlighting another great video on his blog. This time it’s Eckart Tolle talking about thought and the ego. As always, great stuff…


And the folks at HealthyWealthyNWise are hosting a FREE 12 week Mega Manifestation series with 24 different presenters. Here’s some of the details:

– Groundbreaking 12-week Mega Manifestation Series with 24 one-hour sessions…

– World-renowned speakers include personal success experts like Marci Shimoff, Greg Reid and Peggy McColl and Raymond Aaron…

– Countless easy-to-use and proven success manifestation tools, techniques and systems that can help you achieve all your goals…

– Easy to access so you can watch and listen to on your computer and/or phone…   

– Plus, this is an entirely FREE series. No obligation. No strings attached.

Simply sign up to reserve your spot today.


And don’t forget to check my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks, and free stuff!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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An Earth Day special treat and more!

#1 – I just got this e-mail message from Integral Enlightenment about a special presentation by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Here’s part of what they had to say…
“On a day dedicated to the Earth, we wanted to let you know about about a special event tonight designed to put you into deep connection with your soul purpose and to empower you to give your full gifts in the service of planetary evolution:

The Sacred Core of Conscious Evolution: Connecting with Your Soul’s Destiny

It’s a free teleseminar with someone that we all truly love – Barbara Marx Hubbard. Not only is she a visionary pioneer of the path of conscious evolution, she’s also one of the most empowering, dynamic, and innovative teachers around. I am sure that you will leave her presence more hopeful about the future of humanity and more empowered in your capacity to be an agent of evolutionary change… 

During tonight’s free call (which is recorded if you need to miss it), Barbara will share some key insights that can enable you to connect to your soul’s destiny and to live a life of joyful co-creation. Takeaways include. . .

  •     How to awaken and strengthen your evolutionary core.
  •     A powerful practice for shifting your identity from ego to essence as part of birthing the new human.
  •     How to align your life with your evolutionary compass of joy.
  •     The most important sacred codes for connecting your soul’s destiny with the   emerging social order.
  •     How to expand your vision of the next stage of evolution.
And even if you can’t make it live, do register since you’ll get access to a free recording afterwards.”

#2 – If you’re an “enlightened entrepreneur” you’ll want to sign-up for EFT master Pamela Bruener’s upcoming free teleseminar. Here’s part of the message I got from this very talented and tuned-in lady about the teleclass…

F’ree EFT Teleclass:
The Three Critical Mistakes Most Conscious
Entrepreneurs Make (and how to avoid them!)

Are you feeling like you SHOULD have all the pieces for success, but you aren’t achieving at the level that you could?

You’re not sure just what’s missing, because you’ve already done so much to succeed?
Frustrated that others seem to be doing it, and wondering if you’re just one class away from all the money you want (but you don’t know which class that is?)

This is the class that FINALLY puts all the puzzle pieces together for you – you MUST hear this!

You’ll learn:

  • Why so many good products and services that you’ve already bought aren’t bringing you the results that you want.
  • How both the ‘abundance gurus’ and the ‘marketing geniuses’ are missing essential parts of the puzzle – and it’s hurting you!
  • Three marketing mistakes almost ALL conscious entrepreneurs make!
  • How to cut through the overwhelm and take POWERFUL action.

To register for this teleclass, and for more information, visit:

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Wine, cheese, chocolate and consciousness–a winning combination!


Morgana Rae of abundanceandprosperity.com is going to be interviewing health and fitness guru J J Flizanes about her “Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Diet” on April 28th at 8pm EDT. Hmmm…sounds like something that could definitely make evolution easier and more fun. Go here for details and to sign up:


And don’t forget to check out In The Company of Consciousness–the new free teleseminar series Victoria Lichtman is hosting, where 20 leading edge visionaries are sharing their insight, wisdom, and proven tools of transformation. Guests will include Guy Finley (one of my faves!), Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, Colin Tipping, Jennifer McLean and more. Victoria just finished interviewing the guys from the movie Leap, so sign-up now at the following link so you don’t miss the rest of the series:


Also check out my “What’s New” page for even more tips, picks, and free stuff!

Enjoy, “Zippy”


Free Earth Day energy healing and alignment from Marilyn Edwards


Here’s something I just found out about from Marilyn Edwards at Awaken To Grace. Thought some of you might like to check it out and be involved…

 **Free Long Distance Healing & Alignment for Earth Day** 

Here’s what Marilyn had to say about the event:

  • Improve your connection to Nature
  • Gain Wisdom – Co-Create in Harmony with the Earth
  • Release Stuck Emotions
  • Support Each Other
  • Open to Healing Power of Nature
  • Create a New Paradigm, Access Timelessness
The intention of this event is to gather a group of people interested in improving their connection to Nature and living in Harmony with the Earth. We will do this by creating a connection with the Timeless energy of Non-Local Awareness. You don’t need to be present or able to attend at the specified time to benefit.