Dr. Sue Morter replay available on Living Energy Secrets


The replay of Sue Morter’s interview with Deb Thompson, host of Living Energy Secrets, is available online for the next 48 hrs. Here’s what Deb has to say about it…

“I just wrapped up an enlightening interview with Dr. Sue Morter,
a world renowned healer and one of the foremost experts in Bio
Energetics Synchronization Technique (BEST). Dr. Morter can’t
recall every visting a doctor or taking a prescription drug in
her entire life, and she says that well being and abundance are
our natural states. Her wide ranging interview had a lot of
memorable takeaways.  Here are just a few of them:

   * our bodies can heal themselves if its communication network
     is functioning on a high level
   * physical healing can’t take place until underlying adverse
     vibrations are dealt with
   * at the heart of the tiniest particles of matter is nothing
     but energy, which our thoughts can affect
   * our subconscious mind drives our lives
   * we co-create our own reality
   * many of our problems arise from denying our authentic selves,
     trying to live up to what’s expected of us, instead of our
     heart’s desires
   * learning how to access the language our subconcious speaks
   * our dreams and aspirations are truly achievable but first we
     must raise our vibrational frequencies

There’s a whole lot more in this information packed interview, and you can still listen! But you’ve onlygot 48 hours to check it out.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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