A “must listen” replay with Gregg Braden, plus Arielle Ford and other tips!


If the replay of Gregg Braden’s interview on Living on Purpose is still available, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to it. In fact, I think EVERYONE in the world should! He has such a wonderful way of “marrying” Science and Spirit, and presenting information in a clear, precise, and uplifting way. And even though I’ve heard him speak on 2012 and other topics recently, I came away w/ more insights about and a better overview of everything after this presentation. See yesterday’s post for the link to the replay. And if you’re interested in the HeartMath technology and coherence he mentions, check out my “What’s New” page for a link where you can buy the program at a great sale price right now.

Another top  “pick” is the 7 Secrets to Happiness link, also on the “What’s New” page. There’s some great free videos and other stuff that’s being offered to introduce this new program, and the free information and tips are easy to understand, relate to, and implement. If you are someone who has gotten mixed results in following The Secret and working with the Law of Attraction, this may well be some missing pieces to the puzzle you’ve been looking for!


#1 – You can register for a free presentation of Conversations with the Masters, featuring host Mary Hall and guest Arielle Ford that’s taking place next Tues., 2/23, by visiting:


#2 – For a limited time you can catch the replay of Lance Hood’s 30Day Wealth Map call with Dr. D C Cordova, who created the world-famous Money & You Program, and talks about how you can rewire your brain to think more like a millionaire.


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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