Grant Connolly replay, increase your happiness quotient, and Abraham-Hicks


The replay of Grant Connolly’s interview on Living Energy Secrets  is still available for a limited time. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet myself, but hope to before it’s taken down.   Here are some of the things Grant suppposedly talked about:

   * How one amazing insight ended Grant’s months long
   * How he built on this insight to create ZPoint and has
     now helped thousands of people change their lives for
     the better,
   * Releasing life long negative patterns that cause trauma
     nearly instantaneously,
   * How & why we’re limited by negative belief patterns we
     picked up as children,
   * How ZPoint helps us to let go of our inauthentic beliefs
     about ourselves that hold us back at the subconscious
   * How ZPoint can help you find and release your True Self,
   * ZPoint sessions only take 6 minutes to complete,
   * Feelings are energetically connected to thoughts and
     beliefs, and changing our feelings can actually change
     our thoughts and beliefs,
   * The importance of choosing the right cue words for the
     ZPoint program,
   * How to use the right phrases so ZPoint becomes an
     Intention Multiplier,
   * Releasing Circles, and how to use them to eliminate
     whatever is holding you back,
   * Why we can’t get better until we “clean house” to
     remove negative energies in order to make room for
     positive ones,
   * Best of all, you’ll hear Grant go through an actual
     ZPoint process in real time as he demonstrates exactly
     how it works!


I just finished reading an article by Paul Dalton of Life Happens about the “40% of happiness that’s directly under our control.” Enjoyed the information and the “homework” recommended for actively increasing your happiness quotient. Check it out here:

Also, last night I had a chance to watch the David Wolfe 20 min. video on candida (see yesterday’s post for the link) and would recommend that, as well, especially if candida has been, or is, an issue for you.

And I’ll close today with the daily quote I received from Abraham-Hicks in my inbox this morning (a great way to start your day–you can sign up for these daily mailings for free at the Abraham-Hicks website). I think it makes a great daily affirmation!

“There isn’t anything that I cannot be or do or have, and I have a huge Nonphysical staff that’s ready to assist me, and I’m ready.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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