The Shift, Rochelle Marmorstein, and Marilyn Hamilton


If you missed last Saturday’s dialogue with visionary filmmaker, Rochelle Marmorstein, on her latest film THE SHIFT Movie: A Love Story About You, Me and All Of Us Committed to Our Collective Future, you can CLICK HERE to listen to the recording now!

And you can join Women on the Edge of Evolution tonight for another exciting dialogue with visionary woman and Integral City founder Marilyn Hamilton on “Creating a New World: Meshworking Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”


2 Replies to “The Shift, Rochelle Marmorstein, and Marilyn Hamilton”

  1. I believe there is a shift and we should become aware of God all around us and inside of us and inside of others – I am blogging about the love I see in others and all around me to share and to have others look differently at the world – to find love in all we do and all we meet.

  2. Michelle: You are doing great work on “The Shift.” I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself: I’m a Professor of Consciousness Studies at JFK University. I think you might be interested in looking at my work as a teacher and author on the evolution of consciousness.

    You can see samples of my work on consciousness and transformation at:


    Here’s part of the blurb from my book “Deep Spirit: Cracking the Noetic Code” . . .

    Sometimes evolution gets it wrong.
    We’ve got one last chance to get it right.

    It’s early in the twenty-first century, and the world is already on course for a major revolution — a shift in global consciousness.

    Visions and dreams of millions are about to become reality.

    The key: a worldwide quest for the “noetic code” . . .
    a new way of knowing that builds on the ancient wisdom traditions of shamans,
    the perennial philosophy of mystics,
    and the profound insights of modern science.

    Higher intelligence. It’s closer than you think.

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