Donna Gates, Rick Wilkes, and Quantum K


Tip #1: Go to the following link for the replay (available for 48 hrs) of EFT specialist Rick Wilkes on Living Energy Secrets:

Rick explains the direct relationship between childhood traumas and many physical problems we experience as adults. Here are some of the topics he covers:

   * Everyone has traumas from childhood, even if we don’ t know it

   * In most of us, these traumas have not been discharged, and are still affecting us

   * Until these traumas are discharged, we keep reliving them over and over

   * The case of a woman who lost 150 lbs, but was still miserable, because of undischarged childhood traumas

   * The strong correlation between these traumas and so many of today’s “mystery” diseases that baffle doctors

   * Why affirmations often fail, and how doing them while tapping can supercharge your results

Tip #2: Here’s an interview from the Longevity Conference with best-selling author Donna Gates of The Body Ecology Diet, where Donna  shares the following important health information:

+The hidden factors behind weight gain-how to recognize,
reduce, and remove them from your diet!

+How to reduce sugar intake and clear the body of
harmful yeasts and fungus that are sapping your energy,
and compromising your vitality

+Overcoming your sugar addictions once and for all with The
Body Ecology principles that are fun, easy, and inspiring!

+What sugars are lurking in so-called “healthy” foods
that are making you fat!

+How to get the energy you need through healthy
food sources other than sugar.

+Why we need healthy adrenals and a healthy
thyroid and what the negative impact on your health will
be if you neglect these glands.

==> Click here to listen now.

PICK OF THE DAY:  If you haven’t checked out Quantum K, mentioned in a previous post (dated 1/6), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do. And while you’re there, be sure to download the free manual; I’m about half way through reading it and loving it. Plus, it gives you so much more understanding of, and appreciation for, the work that went into making the Quantum K experience available–and for FREE! Just do it! Also take advantage of the opportunity to watch the movie The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing (mentioned in my 1/31 post). A must see for anyone interested in health and well-being, but especially for those people in the healthcare/healing arts professions.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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