Dr. Sue Morter, Marcia Weider and more on Mega Manifestation Monday!

TIP: As a lead-in to the Women, Power, and Purpose Experience, Harrison Klein of The Masters Gathering is presenting  “MEGA MANIFESTATION MONDAY” (LIVE CALLS) WITH THE MASTERS tomorrow.  Supposedly it’s limited to the first 250 people to call-in, as that’s all the lines will handle… so go here now and register so you can ask the Masters all of…Read more »

John Assaraf replay and The Freedom Formula

Tip of the Day:  The replay of the Aware Show’s interview with John Assaraf, one of the visionaries featured on the hit movie “The Secret”, is now available for a limited time. John walks you through several processes on how to write and achieve your goals and how to keep attracting them into your life.  This…Read more »

Barbara De Angelis, The World Tapping Telesummit, and world peace?

Tips & Picks for Today: Watch this short video with Harrison Klein of The Masters Gathering and Barbara De Angelis where she talks about manifestation, transformation, integration, and expansion. http://www.womenpowerandpurpose.com/manifest Also, if you haven’t been catching the 2010 Tapping World Telesummit presentations, you’ve been passing on a golden opportunity to gain insight and support in…Read more »

Free Qi Gong energy healing, Jo Dunning teleconference, Tapping World Telesummit, and tips on happiness!

TIPS FOR TODAY: #1 – Join Jo Dunning’s free monthly teleconference workshop this Tuesday at 8:15pm EST. This free workshop contains energy processes and information to assist you on your path during this amazing time of transformation. You can listen by telephone or on-line. To listen by telephone, the number to call for the workshop…Read more »

A “must listen” replay with Gregg Braden, plus Arielle Ford and other tips!

“PICKS” OF THE DAY: If the replay of Gregg Braden’s interview on Living on Purpose is still available, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to it. In fact, I think EVERYONE in the world should! He has such a wonderful way of “marrying” Science and Spirit, and presenting information in a clear, precise, and uplifting way. And even…Read more »

Morgana Rae and Gregg Braden and T. Harv Ecker on Living On Purpose

Tips for Today: #1 – I just finished listening to an interview hosted by Beth Lane and Cindy Briolotta at Profit With Spirit with guest Morgana Rae. This presentation is part of their Interviews With Successful Spiritual Entrepeneurs and I thought you might like to check it out. Morgana hits on a lot of different topics,…Read more »

Dean Shrock, The Pulse Technique, World Peace Toning, Jennifer McLean, Jean Houston, and more!

TIPS FOR TODAY: #1 – Aaron Mangal from Love-olution.com  is interviewing Dean Shrock about the Healing Power of Love, where you’ll learn the secret to improving your health and having more joy. You can register for this free teleseminar on the power of love at: http://clicks.listping.com/y/ct/?l=GVHrV&m=1eAj5L4XJipMNK&b=kPAwM1nDhuLaNxsVI6S4MA #2 – Jennifer McLean was recently featured on the…Read more »