Jean Houston, Vishen Lakhiani, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and losing belly fat!


Tip #1: On Monday, January 25th (today), at 5:30pm PST, Women on the Edge of Evolution will be hosting a free live preview call, “Awakening to Your Highest Destiny” with Jean Houston, where they will introduce you to the heart of her current work and to her Mystery School 2010.

In the 75-minute preview call with Jean you’ll learn practical tools and wisdom to begin to awaken to your highest destiny:

  • How to activate the inner direction that illumines your life and spirit with a light that can never be extinguished
  • How to renew and deepen your unique spiritual knowing and wisdom
  • How to accelerate exciting, new, creative capacities for understanding and acting on your higher purpose
  • The ability to ride the winds of change with flexibility, courage and exquisite grace
  • How to identify the essential codes, archetypal patterns and guidance that impact your life
  • How to assist in stewardship for our world at this time
  • Learn how to shock the future and evolve the imagination
  • Become a co-creator in a higher design
  • Overcome cultural conditioning and low-level expectations
  • Develop strategies that hold you to your higher purpose – transcending sloth at all levels
 Go to to register for the call, or visit If you’re registered, but can’t attend, at least they will send you a recording of the call.
Tip #2: For an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola taken from David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference go to:


Tip #3: I’ve been a real advocate of Vitamin D ever since I started doing research for a report on all the positive effects it has. In fact, one of my first blog posts was on the subject. Now they’re even finding it can help with weight loss, especially when it comes to trimming fat from the abdomen (I knew I loved D for some reason!) For a short, but interesting video about Vitamin D and weight loss, go here:


Tip #4: For a 10 min. video from the Engage Today conference, featuring Vishen Lakhiani talking about growing your business and being happy and grateful in the now, while holding a vision of greater things to come, go here:


Enjoy! “Zippy”

3 Replies to “Jean Houston, Vishen Lakhiani, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and losing belly fat!”

    1. Thanks, Bobby, for your kind words. It is always gratifying when I hear that someone has found something useful on the blog. Sometimes I spend so much time getting the tips together that I don’t have a chance to take advantage of some of them myself. Hmmm… Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment, and please pass along the blog to anyone you know who might benefit from the type of information it provides.

      Now,… time to work on putting today’s post together:-)

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