The Living Matrix, Marci Shimoff, Bernie Siegel, Barbara De Angelis, and more!

TIPS FOR TODAY: Tip #1: Be sure to visit Global TeleClass, where you can access  renowned speakers and trainers within one convenient teleclass site. They have arranged to offer you celebrity speakers and best-selling authors so you may be trained and motivated from the comfort of your home and the convenience of your telephone or…Read more »

New teleseminar series on energy secrets, replays of Janet Attwood, Jean Houston, and more!

LOTS OF TIPS FOR TODAY: #1 There’s a new free12-week teleseminar series starting Feb. 2nd titled Empower Your Life With Energy, and will feature Dr. Alex Loyd, Mark Romero, Carol Tuttle, Dr. Sue Morter, Carol Look and more. It’s being hosted by Deb Thompson at Living Energy Secrets and the presentations will be available for…Read more »

Jean Houston, Vishen Lakhiani, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and losing belly fat!

TIPS FOR TODAY: Tip #1: On Monday, January 25th (today), at 5:30pm PST, Women on the Edge of Evolution will be hosting a free live preview call, “Awakening to Your Highest Destiny” with Jean Houston, where they will introduce you to the heart of her current work and to her Mystery School 2010. In the 75-minute preview call with Jean…Read more »

Carol Look, Janet Attwood, David Wolfe, Jo Dunning, oh my!

TIPS FOR TODAY: Several tips to pass along, including… Tip #1: Freedomwebinars is putting on a webcast titled “How to Attract Wealth and Prosperity on Jan. 25th at 9pm EST. For more details go to: Tip #2: Janet Attwood is going to be part of a teleclass titled Passion for Life on Jan. 26th. For…Read more »

Replay of Marc Allen available on The Abundant Mystic

PICK OF THE DAY: I just got through listening to the replay of the Marc Allen interview on the Abundant Mystic series and really enjoyed it. Think you might, too. Here’s what the series host had to say about Marc, and I would agree… “He is one of the most down to earth, humble, real…Read more »

Mary Morrissey replay on Living on Purpose, and Poison on the Platter movie

Tip #1: Mary Morrissey’s presentation on the Living on Purpose teleseminar series is available for replay for the next 24 hrs. If you missed the broadcast, go to: Tip #2: If you would like to see the 30 minute movie “Poison on the Platter,” made by an Indian director about the dangers of GMO…Read more »

Marianne Williamson replay available and Carol Look abundance presentation!

TIPS FOR THE DAY… Tip #1: For those who missed Marianne Williamson’s presentation (and that includes me!) on Healing With the Masters recently, it ‘s now available for replay AND download. Here’s what host Jennifer McLean had to say… “WOW! What an amazing call we had with Marianne Williamson and Sam Daley-Harris. They both eloquently…Read more »