“Be Careful What You Don’t Ask For…”

I just posted a new article to the archives on the Abundance page of my website and thought I would share it here. It’s a great story written by Chellie Campbell (www.Chellie.com), taken from her The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations publication, and titled…

“Be Careful What You Don’t Ask For–You Might Not Get It”  by Chellie Campbell

Oh, I really don’t want to focus on money, said the woman on the phone. A successful executive who worked in training and development for a major corporation, we had met at a networking meeting. She was very interested in my work since she was also in the business of helping people through training, but balked at the idea of taking a class centered on money. Her main goal was to help people and do meaningful work, she said.

I often encounter this same idea, stated in different ways, which comes from the root belief that the pursuit of money for its own sake is inappropriate, and maybe even bad (remember “the love of money is the root of all evil”). I’ve heard many, many people say, “I don’t care about the money,” or “The money isn’t important to me.”

What they are trying to make clear is that they have a larger objective, a goal of helping others or doing work they love that transcends their need for money.Unfortunately, that is not what they say. Words are powerful. When they speak their word that they don’t care about money, what they are inadvertently doing is telling their creative mind, God, and the universal power of supply not to send money. Their need to state it this way is indicative that they have a fear-based mentality about money; they are afraid that somehow, if they make a lot of money, it will corrupt them, pull them off course, make them a slave to material things, etc.

 The universal power of supply that is directed by our creative minds is just a “Yes” machine. Tell it you want money, it says “Yes.” Tell it you don’t want money, it says “Yes.” Your choice.

Why not declare instead that “I really want to help and serve people, and making a lot of money will help me do that even better?”  Money is neutral–in and of itself it is neither good nor bad. Only the way it’s used can be judged in that way. You have the power to decide to use the money that flows into your possession for good: Donate to charity, expand your work to help more people, beautify your surroundings, give to the arts, invest in worthy businesses doing socially responsible work.

Do care about the money! My belief is that all the truly spiritual, wonderful people should have lots and lots of money, because they are the ones who will use it most positively.You have to have some money in this world in order to live. Why not have lots of money in order to live well?

Today’s Affirmation: “I help and serve people and make a lot of money, which I then use to help and serve people!”

“It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.”–Albert Camus

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