Don’t Miss “Being Fearless and Free!”

To any of you out there who read my previous post about the Guy Finley replay, but haven’t taken the time to check it out, I say “Hey you chuckleheads, get with it!” I just finished listening myself and totally agree with Jennifer McLean’s assessment. In fact, I’m going to listen a second time, which is something I’ve never done before. It’s wonderful that something of this caliber is being made available for FREE!

Guy Finley replay and Abraham video and quotes


I just got word that the “Being Fearless AND Free” replay with Guy Finley on Healing with the Masters is now available, but only for the next 48 hrs. I haven’t listened to it myself yet, but plan to as soon as I finish this post. I always enjoy and appreciate Finley’s take on things. Here’s what host Jennifer McLean had to say about the interview: “Holy jumpin… what a powerful succinct profound and life changing show we had with Guy Finley last night on Healing With the Masters. This one will make you feel who you really are and when you are there that feeling alone can change your circumstances. LISTEN TO THIS ONE!”
Catch it here:

And here’s more mind-expanding stimulation in the form of Abraham’s take on some of the common and limiting thoughts/beliefs many of us were raised on :

1. You can’t have fun all the time.
[Abe]: Life is supposed to be fun.

2. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
[Abe]: The more you count your unhatched chickens the more chickens you will have.

3. You can’t have everything you want.
[Abe] You’re Inner Being wants you to have every desire, wish and whim you can come up with. No limits

4. You have to give to get.
[Abe] You have to expect to get. Giving has nothing to do with it. Give if you’re inspired to do so.

5. You have to work hard to make it in this world.
[Abe] By design you are set up to make it in this world. Work is optional and just for fun.

6. You’ve made your bed now you have to lay in it.
[Abe]. You’ve made your bed, you don’t like it? Make it again. You can never get it wrong because you can never get it done.

7. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
[Abe] You can have everything you want. No limits.

8. It’s not what you know it’s who you know.
[Abe] It’s what you know [LOA] and who you know [Inner Being/Source Energy]. 

And to top all this off…. a nice little 7 min. video clip where Abraham is talking about how we spend a lot of time “paddling up stream” instead of relaxing into the flow of Source energy, and how we are prone to think that “trying hard” is a virtue, and there’s “no pain, no gain.”

Watch the video here: Abraham-Hicks: NO GAIN IN PAIN

Anthony Robbins’ 12 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Wealthy

This was sent to me by David Gikandi in his (R)evolutionScape Bulletin: 

Anthony Robbins’ 12 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Wealthy

According to Wallace Wattles, in his popular wealth
treatise called the Science of Getting Rich, said that,
“There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact
science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws
which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once
these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person
will get rich with mathematical certainty.”

It is true. Those who make wealth know that it comes about
by application of simple rules and principles. Those who
don’t make wealth don’t know about these simple things, and
so they assume that wealth is a result of luck or pure
chance or something just as superstitious or silly.

Anthony Robbins is one of the top success coaches in the
world, having coached star sports players, heads of states
and Fortune 500 executives. In his Get The Edge program, he
listed down 12 specific reasons he has come to observe to
be the leading causes for most people’s lack of wealth.
Here they are:

1.        They never decide and really define, very
specifically, what wealth means for them. The keyword here
is specifically. Can you imagine how hard it would be to
build a car or a plane without making a blueprint or sketch
drawings of it first? You have to know what your target is
before you go chasing after it.

2.        They make wealth a moving target instead of a
fixed one (this is related to point one above). Once you
have your target, fix it. Don’t change it until you reach
it. You must accomplish each step, celebrate, and then set
course for a new step, a new target.

3.        They define it in a way that seems unreachable.
You only achieve what you believe. No more, no less. So you
must make it believable for you. Set goals that will make
you move forward and stretch, but not too high that even
you yourself don’t believe you can. Take the biggest step
you believe you can, achieve it, then take the next biggest
you believe you can. This will build positive reinforcement
in your self-confidence as well.

4.        They never start. Ok, this is obvious. If you
keep thinking about it forever, it will forever remain in
the thought level. You have to act! Start somewhere,
anywhere! Only after you start do you begin to get some
feedback which will help you plot your course better. The
aircraft has to first take off before it starts to adjust
course for its destination. You must start, somewhere,
anywhere, doesn’t matter, just start! Act!

5.        They never make it a must. Let me explain what it
means to make it a must. It means marshalling all your
intent, your will, your direction, into one singular flow
that is directed towards your goal. All obstacles are
viewed as challenges to be overcome. You will meet
obstacles, and so expect it, but also expect to move
forward anyways. Use your obstacles to develop strength and
skills, don’t run away. Find out how to go past them. Find
out! There is always a way, always. And if your emotions
are acting against your desire, embrace them, learn what
they are, know yourself, but keep moving forward. Make it a
must, and it will happen. Guaranteed. You don’t know in how
many steps it will take, but you know it will happen.

6.        They don’t have a realistic plan. If you want to
do something, find out how it is done from someone who has
done it before. Make a realistic plan. Copy from those who
have succeeded before you. But don’t throw away your
intuition. Your intuition is extremely powerful once you
learn how to listen to it with practice.

7.        If they have a realistic plan, they never follow
through on the plan. Well, if you don’t follow the plan,
who will?

8.        They give responsibility to others (“experts”)
instead of to themselves. This way, they never really learn
how to do it, and if there are failures they never learn
why the failures happened and so they are bound to repeat
them. It is a good idea to get advice, but do it yourself.
At least understand it yourself even if you will delegate
the actual doing.

9.        They give up when they face challenges. Going
through the challenges is what has made people rich, not
giving up. Look, there are always challenges. So get used
to that. You will only get where you wish to get to if you
are willing to face the challenges along the path. All
challenges are opportunities dressed in work clothes,
remember that. After the challenge is over, you will
discover the amazing fruit it held for you.

10.        They fail to conduct their lives as a business;
they never ensure that they make a profit year by year. Get
a personal finance package like Quicken or Microsoft Money.
you need to have budgets and cash flow statements for your
personal finances and your businesses. It is easy with
those software packages. If you don’t keep records and
track, you wont know when you are making or losing money
until it is embarrassingly too late.

11.        They allow other people’s ideas to affect their decisions unreasonably. There will always be people who don’t believe in your way, or who are pessimistic, who try to pull you down, or whatever. And they will sometimes be your closest friends and family. You cannot change that -they have a right to be who they are. It is OK. Allow them their thoughts, don’t judge them for that, but don’t feel obligated to accept their thoughts of follow their way.
Don’t allow other people, now or from the past, unreasonably affect your decisions. Allow them their way, and you live your way.

12.        They don’t get quality coaching. This is extremely important! Coaching is simply getting mentored by
someone who has succeeded wildly in the area of your
interest. Get coaching! Our education system hardly equips
us for real life, so don’t assume that because you went to
college you are properly equipped. Hardly. You need to keep
learning. The most successful people attend seminars, read
books, join mastermind groups and clubs, find mentors,
network, and even hire expensive personal coaches to make
sure they succeed.

How many of these reasons can you identify with? Well, now
that you see the reasons, you now can look at yourself and
make sure that you don’t follow ways that are known to not
lead to wealth. Follow what works and it will work. And
don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way.

Wave of Love takes on Cell Phone Radiation?

TIP: Anyone out there want to know more about the radiation hazards of using a cell phone? Check out for two postings (dated 10/8 and 10/21) on the subject. This site also offers information about other health and environmental issues, in case you’re looking for that kind of thing.  

PICK:  And now, as Monty Python would say, for something completely different.  Ready for a “Wave of Love” ? It’s much more fun than thinking about cell phone radiation! Here’s a trip-y experience through the templates of creation, sacred geometry style:

Jo Dunning’s Free Monthly Teleconference

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Free Money Breakthroughs Presentation!

TIP: Just got a notice from Elyse Hope Killoran at Prosperity from the Inside Out about a free presentation she’s offering on money breakthroughs. You’ll have to register for it, but what’s nice is you’ll have access to the call afterwards, so it’s easier to fit into your own time schedule. Here’s the announcement she sent:

“Your Money Breakthrough: Why You’ve Been Getting What You’re
Getting (re: Money)…and Exactly What to Do About It.”

Tuesday October 27th at 9:00 PM ET (Teleconference or webcast –
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Call Description:

In this riveting, 60-minute class I’ll reveal a) why you’ve
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We’ll be covering:

~ The Anatomy of a “Breakthrough” (so that you know how to set
yourself up to create one.)

~ Money Set Points (What they are, how to determine yours and how
to recalibrate it to allow more money in.)

~ Money Blocks and Money Leaks (Why we have them, what they
really indicate and what you need to do to overcome yours.)

~ And why there has never been a better time to choose to conquer
your money challenges.

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 You can shift your vibration around this topic…and I’ll be
providing you with a blueprint of exactly how to do that!

Looking forward to sharing this unusual experience with you.

Prosperously Yours,

Elyse Hope Killoran
Prosperity from the Inside-Out ™

“As a child, when you learned the word ‘money’ you not only
learned how to make the sound of it with your mouth, or how to
use it in a sentence. You also learned how the word felt from
those who were using the word. You learned not only the vibration
of the sound of the word, but you learned the vibration of the
feeling of the word. And now, every time you offer the word, or
the thought of the word — you offer the feeling of the word as
you have learned it.”
— Abraham

Brad Yates, Abraham-Hicks and Santa?

Today’s tip:

Well-known “EFTer” Brad Yates is going to be a guest (on 10/26) on a new 12 week FREE teleseminar series along with 11 other Law of Attraction experts. Click here to get call-in details (you will need to sign up for the series): Law of Attraction Insider


 Here’s another interesting video clip that David Childerley turned me on to (if you didn’t see yesterday’s Eckhart Tolle one, get with it! :-)). It’s taken from an Abraham-Hicks workshop and talks about Satan and Santa Claus. A great one for parents of young children to take note of! Abraham: Satan and Santa